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  1. Anna Susanna

    Need help: Symbols of People

    Try these http://www.symbols.com/search/people https://www.freevector.com/people-symbols http://www.freepik.com/index.php?goto=2&searchform=0&k=people+icon (these are free to use as long as you give credit to the one that made it,which shows on the right side when viewing the artworks you want.
  2. Anna Susanna

    Android App Icon Template

    I believe you can creat or add an image to that green icon button and it will 'update' it to all the other sizes,including the one on the phone. I know there's other mock-ups here too that also do that.
  3. Would these help? http://www.serif.com/Templates/Business-Card/
  4. Anna Susanna

    Going mad with Style(s)

    Wow,I like these styles,espec the chrome and 3D ones. Thanks for taking your time to make these .
  5. Anna Susanna

    Affinity Designer Gradients Vol. 1

    Thanks,these remind me of FB status post backgrounds you can make when you make a status, I wish they would let ppl use those in Pages Posts too. I love gradients lol.
  6. Anna Susanna

    Credit Card Template - Free

    You're Welcome & Thank You
  7. I thought of another tutorial you can add to your list,is double exposure effect in Affinity Photo,I think ive seen some (I think one was from Affinity Revolution,not so sure lol),but still thought it be a kool one to add from you,since I like your style and tech lol :) . Example Photoshop Tutuorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-4sM5_-0mFY
  8. Anna Susanna

    Movie Poster "Credits" Template

    You guys are welcomed,I figured there must be someone in here who works with videos and editing ;) .
  9. Anna Susanna

    Movie Poster "Credits" Template

    While looking at/for specific tall thin style fonts like it movies,I came across this free template,thought it might come in handy for someone who needs it for making posters,Idk if its just for personal use or not,but I think you can contact the person and ask about it :) . www.tipsquirrel.com/movie-poster-credit-template-for-photoshop
  10. Anna Susanna

    Awesome little Font Viewer/Organizer

    Found this font viewer,a blogger claims it to be the best one yet. MainType - the best font manager I've ever seen
  11. Anna Susanna

    Out of Focus Photo

    Is there a way to unblur images in Affinity Photo,say like in google maps/google earth lol (and ive noticed they tend to blur random things i.e parts of plants/trees etc,kind of annoying lol). Tried a tech in gimp (I cant seem to remember where I found it i.e yt uploader etc) and it only did a little bit of a decent job,brought out some detail,but maybe that depends on the image also.
  12. Anna Susanna

    Awesome little Font Viewer/Organizer

    ;) Just a little thing I found,figured id ad it here instead of makin another thread. You can convert fonts to .ttf if you have some that are of a different extension. www.onlinefontconverter.com
  13. Anna Susanna

    FLOWER POWER Brushes

    Lovely,Thanks for sharing. :wub: B)
  14. Obrigata,Trying it out now XD
  15. Anna Susanna

    Awesome little Font Viewer/Organizer

    Another one I used to use,was called "The Font Thing" lol. https://the-font-thing.en.uptodown.com EDIT: It too,lets you use fonts w/o having to install.

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