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  1. Im making templates for mugs The paper is 9.5 x 4 with 1/4" margines. When I create an image area of 9.25 x 3.75 and add guides 25%, 50%, 75% what are the guides aligning to? The canvas? If thats the case, can the guides be aligned to the rectangle shape created in percentages without manually adjusting?
  2. THAT WAS IT!!!! I guess I didnt look hard enough. Sometimes, since Im leaning AP, that while in a project, I get stuck on a procedure. Some of the terminolgy is change and not sure what it is called and dont know where to look except to ask. Thanks. Much easier than Adobe i my opinion
  3. YEah its a busy street in the morning. But, Im liking Affinity. Havent got frustrated yet with learning new menus because it seems that powerful. Ive been posting in my die cutter groups about checking out the programs
  4. I made this video to show a friend how to make a watermark by creating a custom brush. When added as a layer, click once to act like a "Stamp" Only drawback is, once saved as a PNG, you cant change the color of your text, BUT, layer "Effects" work on the layer including, resizing, rotation, etc. How to Make a Custom Brush / Watermark https://youtu.be/9QBCKDGk8X0
  5. This was just a fast edit and not worried about final product except to show off the "Inpainting" tool. I get confused at times whether to use the "Selection Brush" or the "Inpainting Tool" But either way, it removes objects quite well on default settings. I have to play around more to limit the "Blur / Smudge" area once the object is removed
  6. I like the panoramic feature. It stitches very well and doesn't give you a "Fish Eye" Im also playing around with the inpaint tool and removed the cars from the picture. Does a really good job, but i have to learn the settings so after the item is removed, I have less of a "Smudged" look. But here's what I did this morning playing around and trying to learn
  7. Is there a way to set the default alignment to margins? I cant seem to find any info on setting defaults for that
  8. Im trying to break free of Photoshop because or numerous license key issues they haven't corrected yet and stupid cloud programs. As i play with Affinity Photo, I am doing video tutorials which are GREAT! But one I havent found yet and trying to break myself of Adobe Habits. I do a lot of blending/copying/pasting between 2 pictures. I used to do in Photoshop "PASTE INTO" a selection. In Affinity, how is this done, with masks? In the menu "EDIT" there is a paste into command but doesn't work like Adobe. For instance, I do this for buddy's FB page, put their heads on women's bodies. So what area should I start in to take 1 picture of buddys head, and paste "INTO" area on picture 2 to replace head? I Just need an area to start and will watch tutorial from there. Need the right direction to follow. Thanks in advance
  9. Thanks for the replies. While Carl's suggestion works, Alfreds way is what I was looking for. Working around the program and finding things along the way I was accustomed to in Photoshop that are missing and trying to figure out the programmers thinking along the way
  10. #1 - Can the transparency background be changed to a default color of Pink? Its sometimes hard for me to see missed areas when erasing backgrounds. Pink has worked for me in Photoshop #2 - Can I set a profile I made to be the default export setting? Any quick help is appreciated while I try and find the answers myself
  11. Ive searched the forums but Ive had no luck finding answers or questions on "Reverting to Original Image" When testing certain functions as a Affinity Noob, Ive tried to find the "Revert" to original image erasing all the history all in one shot instead of using the layers/history panel. Is there such a feature or do I have to get accustomed to the history panel use? Any help is appreciated as I relearn some new things in Affinity Photo
  12. After a couple of hours getting used to nw menus, terminology, etc. I am very impressed with Affinity Photo. Masking and textures is a breeze! Im uploading a test photo I made this morning just exploring the program. With more experience, I should be able to produce better projects
  13. Ok thanks. I did find that and thought I could edit info from within. Back to exploring!
  14. I cant seem to find any info on adding new EXIF info such as author, Copyright, etc Can somebody guide to me to the right section? Thanks
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