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    BobMoyer reacted to Kasper-V in Focus-merged dandelion seed head   
    All quiet in the garden just now; the dandelions are starting to seed. I've been waiting for one to practice on.

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    BobMoyer reacted to Manozac2000 in My First digital painting on affinity designer   
    this is my first digital painting on affinity designer...

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    BobMoyer got a reaction from Multi4G in 7 FREE Brushes - For Affinity Photo   
    VERY nice. Thank you.
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    BobMoyer got a reaction from StuartRc in Asset Library 2017 Inktober Vectors   
    @StuartRc , thank you very much for these vector assets. They are very well done and will enhance our productivity.
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    BobMoyer got a reaction from dmstraker in Yay! 100 AP videos now on InAffinity YouTube Channel   
    Ship should make it to Baltimore on time, but seas are going to be a little on the rough side.  Good Luck on your cruise. Thanks for the videos.
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    BobMoyer reacted to Bad_Wolf in Open PagePlus (*.ppp) files   
    What I cannot understand is that people who made 500 pages book, did not write the text in an external wordprocessor and then import it in PagePlus. I started with Quark Xpress 3.0 on a Macintosh back in 1991. All my long text was typed in a wordprocessor then imported in textframes in Quark.
    I really cannot understand why people are so difficult and don't accept the explanation from Serif which sounds reasonable. When you are happy with PagePlus, what keeps you from continue using it? I do not understand the disappointment because it is clear that Affinity Publisher is on the right track.
    Many times it is better for long lasting documents to have a fresh make over. The advantage is that you can adapt them to the new features and possibilities. But also refreshing new techniques. Also in the convertion process there will be flaws and the risk of mistakes of the past taking over.
    I also have many PagePlus documents which is the reason PagePlus X9 is still on this laptop. However, when I need them in Publisher, I will recreate them and import the text from the wordprocessor documents. This is also a good way to learn the ins and outs of Publisher.
    I agree with Serif, NO PagePlus convertion. We live in the present, the past is done!
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    BobMoyer got a reaction from Alfred in Print portrait help   
    I just tried the various suggestions and the one suggested by @toltecworked best for me.  Thanks again everyone.
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    BobMoyer got a reaction from dmstraker in Announcing ... InAffinity YouTube Channel!   
    Thank you for your presentations. It is very interesting to see how others accomplish various tasks.  I learned several new tricks today.