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    A drawing - from start to finish

    Fantabulous. Lovely work. I'm going to try some halftones myself maybe . . . :D Great style!
  2. penwiper

    Thank you Affinity Designer!

    Super nice! Especially with spring on the way these are very appropriate. :-) Have fun!
  3. Specifically, when I have been sending an jpeg image through iMessage to my phone-- and also the same thing happened when I tried sending an export jpeg through hotmail-- the colors shifted. They became much more saturated and the shadow areas became a dark black color. I have never had this problem before. Additionally older images that I have made in AD export just fine. So I am very confused. Just to test that it's only happening to AD, I sent a jpeg to my phone that was exported from a program called ArtRage and nothing changed there. Any help would be much appreciated. First image file saves and transfers just fine as a jpeg-- "Simple Nativity Scene" Second image not so much. "Design4." I'm not sure what the difference in these two document files might be, but I suspect it has something to do with the document setup. Again, I'm exporting to JPEG at 1000 pxls (image still looks fine on the computer) but when I send it via instant message and hotmail the colors are fugitive. I have an iphone 4s, latest upgrade. simple nativity scene.afdesign design4.afdesign
  4. penwiper

    Enjoying What Affinity Designer Has To Offer.!

    Very nice work, almost military? It could be a patch on a uniform maybe. Nice graphic design.
  5. penwiper


    Wow, that is super nice! I love the effects with the noise and gradations. This is surprisingly subtle for a vector design piece. I am always amazed at what one can do with this program. (I haven't even scratched the surface and I've had it for more than a year now!)
  6. penwiper

    fairy tale rapunzel

    So for my Grandmother's 95th birthday my family and I sent a package and I drew some simple flower doodles on the brown paper wrapping; apparently it was something she could see even with her bad eyesight. Mom (who is taking care of her) threw away the paper by accident and wanted me to draw some more images, so this is one of the designs I have made for Grandma to replace the wrapping paper. She'll get the original sharpie pen work, but I thought it would be worthwhile to try and design it in Affinity. Here's my finished illustration. This particular drawing might have too many fine details for her, but I have some other simpler drawings specifically with Grandma in mind that I'll be able to send to her later. Also I REALLY love the history tab where you can scroll back and see all the changes to the Affinity Document itself. Maybe I am easily impressed, but that is super cool.
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    My daily illustrations

    These are really nice! That's a lot of work, but I bet they enhance the articles. :-)
  8. penwiper

    night runner

    Very nice textures and striking image!
  9. penwiper

    Fox Illustration Affinity Designer #Concept

    So cute! it looks like this fox has had a nice meal or several very nice meals in a row. Perhaps he's got an underground passage to Boggis, Bunce and Bean's farms?
  10. penwiper

    Newbie / 1st project

    Wow, that is so cool! Very well done. :-) Beautiful colors and pattern.
  11. penwiper

    sktchy portraits

    So I joined an app on my phone called sktchy where people submit photos to provide inspiration to others, and members also draw from photos submitted to the app. Here are some portraits I have drawn of people there in the last week with Affinity Designer. It's a neat idea! There's obviously a wide range of talent there, but that is part of the fun.
  12. penwiper

    sktchy portraits

    A few more recent images from sktchy . . . :-)
  13. penwiper

    Japanese inspirations

    Really love the dragon, it's very unique looking and has a strong design and some great coloring! The Japanese garden has a strong design too, but must confess I am a little off-put by the effects used on the trees and bushes to 3D them. I do believe the garden has very good potential, though! Good luck with AD and thanks for sharing!
  14. penwiper

    Jean Genie

    wow, very well done; this has some great lighting effects.
  15. penwiper

    3 doggies

    These are awesome! :-D Very well done . . . Love these a lot!
  16. penwiper

    sktchy portraits

    A few more sktchy posts . . . I have been busy with my garden lately and working with markers more is my excuse for being away for a while! I find myself missing AD so I need an excuse to play around more . . . fortunately I have a couple more drawings to render that I could work on today!
  17. penwiper

    Star Wars Artworks

    The Darth Vader helmet is really very spooky! However from a distance in thumbnail size most of the contrast is lost in the gray and black, so perhaps I would try for a little more distinction between the two halves? The Yoda design is also fairly intriguing and instantly recognizable (for a Star Wars fan), although I'd like for the lighting on it to remain consistent between the head and the angle of shadow on the wall. :-) I'd be curious about the other Star Wars logos. Thanks for sharing!
  18. penwiper

    Self-Portrait from Vectors

    Lovely, very noir. It reminds me of a novel I am reading currently-- The Big Sleep by Raymond Chandler-- so if that's what you were going for you have succeeded! Except of course that the headphones a more than a bit anochronistic for the time period of the book and you aren't smoking a cigarette. :-) Great image and I can just imagine all the layers!
  19. penwiper

    1st T-Shirt Design in AD

    I like the balance of this image and the fact that you have carefully overlapped the larger palm tree with the circle. It's a very simple design, which is probably one of its strengths.
  20. penwiper

    Motivational poster for runners

    I think I'd just come for the pie. Nice graphics! The only thing I am confused about is the black triangle shape under the plate to the right in the shadow-- is that supposed to be a napkin?
  21. penwiper

    Movie ABCs

    Sweet! I like the J, but then my name starts with J and it is one of the hardest letters to find traveling down the road playing the alphabet game. :-) I like the cut-out feel of the L also.
  22. penwiper

    Illustration: Judgement Day

    Lovely work! I would love to see a tutorial on how you did this! :-)
  23. penwiper


    And, Western music just started playing in my head. Nice sketch, great textures!