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  1. Nice video. I would like to do that with text but it only cuts out the first letter of the word. What is the right way to cut out a word from an object? Please help. Thanks
  2. Big-Belly-Dsign

    1st T-Shirt Design in AD

    Thanks penwiper. "Keep it simple". That was my goal. Glad you like it.
  3. Big-Belly-Dsign

    File icon is blank

    I had the same problems. No preview/icons. I tried all the tips from LilleG but nothing changed. So today i uninstalled AP Beta and the preview/icons reappeared. I installed AP Beta a couple of days ago and bought the AD yesterday in the McApp Store. Maybe that info helps.
  4. Hi AD´s, this is my first T-Shirt Design i did in AD. What do you think? Cheers Sebastian
  5. The patch works perfect. Thanks for that. :)

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