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  1. No problem and not complaining... Too happy that it is in :) Now I am running RC1. But just wanted to let others know in case each individual search begins. Thanks Sascha
  2. I tried to look it up for 5 minutes and gave up, then realized it is seems to be 1.5beta/rc feature.
  3. Thanks... Feels strange that is uses the opposite direction compared to system zoom gesture... But at least + and - work as expected ;)
  4. Hi, I am brand new to your software and just started to explore. Already impressed :) One quick early question about Designer and Photo's zoom behavior: the zoom direction when using alt+scrollwheel seems to be inverted compared to ctrl+scrollwheel system zoom function. alt+scrollwheel: up = zoom out ctrl+scrollwheel: up = zoom in Can it be configured? Greetings and thanks for the great apps! Sascha