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  1. I would like the X-3 2002 export option added to Affinity Designer too please. The ability to flatten transparency from .pdf export would be helpful.
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    Interesting discussion about imperial and metric measurements on (UK) Radio 4 yesterday. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b0bk1gsy
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    Designer iPad Left-handed mode

    Thanks for your reply.
  4. Hi all Does the Left-handed mode only change the interface - or does it have an effect on palm rejection? As a leftie, I've had apps in the past that I've had to use 'upside down' as the palm rejection only worked properly for right-handers. Thanks.
  5. Being from the UK (and being of a certain age) I buy my fuel in litres but I measure fuel efficiency in miles per gallon. I measure distance in mm, cm, inches (but not fractions of inches), feet, metres and miles. I measure my food weight in grams and kilograms but I measure my body weight in stones. To me though, the most important measurement is the pint!
  6. Hi varlien. I opened your file on my Mac and I don't have any of the issues you are reporting.
  7. Interesting discussion. I'm UK based and have worked with print design since Aldus Pagemaker. I can't honestly remember using picas - but I did learn about them at art school. I've even got my original metal type scale sitting here on my desk. I suppose 72pt text could also be described as 6p text - but I don't think I've ever described type in picas. I remember learning how to mark up type for phototypesetters but can't for the life of me remember if we used picas. Page dimensions have always been metric for me. Type has always been in points. I'm now trying to get my head around using 'em' in CSS. In the UK, that would be mm/cm and pt - not picas. I guess the US must be different. Makes sense then for Affinity to include them.
  8. You're right. I've jumped to (incorrect) conclusions. I apologise about that. Cheers Dougie
  9. You could try setting up a slack channel and ask people to join. I'm not sure there'd be much enthusiasm for it - but I could be wrong. I think this forum works well enough.
  10. All good points. I don't think for one minute that people who are purely After Effects artists, who work as part of a larger team and whose livelihood is based on AE, will change. But these aren't the only people who are using AE. I work directly with clients rather then agencies. Agencies aren't my clients. I'm collaborating with writers, camera people, sound engineers and so on. My final deliverable is the ProRes file or the MP4 (or whatever the client asks for). How I get there is up to me. There are a lot of us out there doing this and making a living. You come across as having a poor opinion of Affinity software - but you keep posting on their forum. Been there. Done that. It was fine. Quark to Indesign Final Cut pro 7 to FCPX. Freehand to Illustrator and now (sometimes) Affinity Designer Unprofessional statement. This is a public forum. If I have to deliver an AE project to a client, I will. I'm done here.
  11. I work in motion graphics and I've heard people say this. I think part of the problem comes down to the subscription model as much as anything. We all love After Effects. It's the only game in town. But your argument that there's no demand for an alternative doesn't make sense. People do change their requirements or re-asses their needs when software vendors change their business models. There ware rumours a couple of years ago that Maxon were looking at the subscription model and there was quite a lot of uproar. They have implemented this - but you can still buy C4D outright. I don't agree with your proposition that motion designers won't look at or want alternatives. My motion graphics workflow currently involves, After Effects, Motion, C4D, 3D coat, FCPX, Photoshop, Illustrator, Affinity Designer and Photoscan, When something else comes along I'll look at that too. There are After Effects artists out there who are specialists in their field. Sure, they're not going to look at alternatives. But there are also motion graphics artists out there using a variety of applications to create their work. They will look at alternatives because it's not the tool that's important, it's the final, delivered piece of work that matters. There are quite a few posts on this forum requesting an After Effects alternative. There's your demand. Cheers Dougie
  12. Well, there's me for a start.
  13. What tools does the 'front integrator' have?
  14. Good question. I'd like to know this too.
  15. Oh the irony... My Wacom grip pen has just given up the ghost - after 7 years. It's working but there's a lot of travel when I press on the nib. To be honest, it's been a bit flakey for the past couple of years but I've always managed to fix/tighten it. This probably happened because I posted some advice on a forum about pens and tablets. I've sourced a replacement - coming tomorrow - so another criteria for choosing a tablet might be the availability of spare parts! Arrrrrghhhhh.