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  1. Yesterday I had to create a background for a event one of my clients. A canvas of 2x2.5 m with something like an frost room with a polar bear. It can improve the top and some detail, but did not have much time to do it, 2-3 hours is not bad, and the client very happy.
  2. Designer and Photo are now my primary creative tools but I feel like publisher or know something. It is what I need for my workflow, still stands as the end of 2016? Watch a video would be fine. I know you have a lot of work with Affinity windows and ipad, just buy the ipad: P But I would like to see the workflow designer, photo and publisher. At the moment is painful designer to work with text. Not much in that aspect because I feel like I was with the old freehand, it is impractical as the tabs are handled, no paragraph or text styles ... Anyway good job for us out of Adobe.
  3. I can already publish the new work I created for one of the most important battery manufacturers in Europe and its brand new product.
  4. Thank you. My English is not enough to make a tutorial... In Spanish perhaps, but I have not done anything that has not been taught in thousands of tutorials out there on the Internet, I've just done with Affinity, which is a plus for colors and textures. The grain is best. Thank you. Thanks, but Sony Ericsson logo is old and dull, mine is cooler :P https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/thumb/6/67/Sony_Ericsson_logo.svg/1280px-Sony_Ericsson_logo.svg.png
  5. Made with Designer. It is the redesign of the logo a solar energy company. They were not happy with his ex-designer :P Now we are happy. Thanks affinity, this design is impossible in Ai (quickly, love the color noise and effects in real time).
  6. I upload the file, unless resolution, it has more layers because I've been doing tests superoctograficusq.afphoto
  7. Hello, I want a suggestion for new function. Sorry for my bad english. But I say that if you can do, then I'll shut up, but as I say xD I was doing personal work in Affinity Photo, and there has been a problem to me also in photoshop, but I do not want to give ideas to Adobe. What I propose is to avoid rasterizing to continue working with masks in layers with layer effects. PS This can be done using smart objects, but for me it is not a solution, because you depend on other file increases the file size and open another window. Designer is that you can work with embedded files in
  8. VersiĆ³n Man of Steel Designer (vector) and Photo (effects). I love this software.
  9. You can create palettes and then fill with gradients. To add gradients palette, select the object with gradient and clik where the image frame.
  10. First of all, sorry for my bad English. Second, thans to Serif for this wonderful software. Thanks for gradients, do this in illustrator is unthinkable, the file size of the filters by the speed of the program to work with much effect. Thank You. Soon I'll be posting more. I am listing all the pros and cons match against Illustrator to put them in a self review. The design is suit the client, I do different things;)
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