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  1. Thank you for posting this! He lives on, in his music and through his inspiration. Your talent and your style are amazing, and I look forward to seeing your works.
  2. Thank you both for taking time to look and comment. I do appreciate the feedback so much. I got very involved in the shading, gradients, etc., on the Prince picture and totally lost the likeness. This is all a labor of love for me, and I enjoy spending hours learning how to use the program! I can say that, as a result of all of that over-working, I really picked up some proficiency in using the pen tool, which will pay off in future endeavors. I decided to remove the Bowie picture, because it was based on a photo that was taken at the end of his life, when his illness was very evident. I p
  3. Thank you, jmac! Spock is my favorite, also. He is the last one that I did, and I spent much less time on him. The others were actually better at earlier stages, but I did not save the early versions. The more that I do to them, the worse they get, lol!
  4. My experience is primarily in Corel Painter, a raster program. (Previously, in traditional media.) I have always wanted to use vectors to create art, as I was originally inspired by the work of Charley Harper, (an abstract illustrator of the middle twentieth century) and his work is so obviously comprised of abstract shapes. I am posting a collection of portraits that I created with Affinity Designer. The very talented artist, known as BodoB, has posted some very inspirational portraits which inspired me to try this difficult subject of human faces with vectors. My motivation is to learn t
  5. Thank you all! It was a senior moment, confusing applications. Sorry for the bother!
  6. I am using Beta 1.4.2. The keyboard shortcut for Deselect All no longer seems to work. I have verified in Preferences-Keyboard Shortcuts- that this is still the active shortcut. This may have already been addressed, and, if so, I apologize. Thank you.
  7. I am taking a class from Digital Art Academy. The current assignment was to emulate Roy Lichtenstein, and I decided to create a portrait of Doris Day. I used an old photo as inspiration, and this is the result. I did the hard work (the outlines) in AD, and most of the fills in Painter 2016. I wanted her to be excessively happy, rather than tormented as most of Roy Lichtenstein's women were.
  8. I do not understand how pressure profiles work in Affinity Designer. I have created and saved pressure profiles in the Stroke panel, located by default in the upper right corner with the Colour and Brushes panels. When I select a brush and click on the More tab in the brush controls, these profiles are not visible. There are four Standard profiles from which to choose. I am referring to the Vector Brush Tool. Does the Pressure profile in the Stroke panel control a different parameter or a different tool? Also, if I modify a brush to add size variance, I have to change the Cont
  9. I appreciate all of the continuing improvements to the program. Considering the enthusiasm of the users, artboards must be a welcome addition. However, as a newbie, I do not understand what they are or how they can benefit me. Would someone kindly post a short tutorial about artboards? Youtube would be fine, I check it daily for new posts. Thanks for all of the generous sharing!
  10. Dan, please send me this Christmas card! I love it. I love anything made by Charley Harper or inspired by him. Great job, and such a creative idea :)
  11. I am a recent newcomer to the party, so to speak, and I was unfamiliar with Fireworks. It sounds like a (formerly) popular and good program that was bought and killed by Adobe. I am sorry for the Fireworks fans, but I am glad that I have Affinity as an alternative to all things Adobe. I purchased Photoshop CS6 before the Cloud-only changes, although I seldom use it and find it heavy and cumbersome. Not doing much with photo manipulation at present, but, when I do, I will get Affinity Photo. NO, I am not a paid spokesperson, lol! I just find it refreshing to use a program that works well o
  12. This is the first design that I have completed in Affinity Design. I had painted this a year ago in Corel Painter, based on a photo that I took of a squirrel who eats our bird seed. As you can see, he is well fed! I liked the composition, which is a tribute to my hero, Charley Harper, but I could not get the clean lines and shapes that I wanted with Painter. I LOVE Affinity Design program! I have never had a proper vector program, and it is pure heaven to be able to draw such smooth lines! There is quite a learning curve to master the vector style, but the journey is most enjoyable. After
  13. I love it! This is a wonderful use of the vector art form, which is perfect for creating retro posters and illustration work. I like your choice of colors.
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