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  1. Try to run Fireworks as administrator (Right click .exe and choose run as Administrator)
  2. I am using a M1 series MacBook Pro now and do not have a PC for the test, try to remove "adPathConfigFile.cfg" under Fireworks installation folder, and run the command again, It will ask you to choose Designer.exe, then you can choose AD 2.0 executable file to see if this works.
  3. I am afraid you need to rasterize these strokes before transferring layers from Fireworks to Affinity Designer, fortunately Designer has its own brush setting, so we can try to simulate these Fireworks stroke's style in Designer for the new painting.
  4. I've found these 2 interesting icons when customizing toolbar, have no idea what they are used for. Same command will be found from the Layer menu -> Geometry, maybe someone can tell...
  5. Embedded/Linked document's Artboard and Layers switch option is not mapping the correct target. Screen record attached. adv2-bug-report_sm.mp4
  6. Same situation but you can customize toolbar by click and drag the lower area as shown below, it works fine.
  7. Case: My client can't read the order without layer index, so I have to put a number before artboard's name manually, but when there is a new artboard inserted, the current number order will be broken, and needed to be renaming again and again. Feature Ask: This problem can be resolved by adding a "Layer Index" path component, please see the attached image below to explain:
  8. Today I found another rendering issues in Metal mode, text shows clipped when use align command, screen record attached. iShot2022-04-02 11.28.34.mp4
  9. 1. Bounding boxes correctly match the objects in new view, but still doesn't match in the original view. 2. Switch to OpenGL will solve the problem, the issue did not occur in OpenGL mode. 3. Appearance Studio capture attached, What I selected is Artboard, I think it shows correct info in the panel. 4. Sorry for the mistake, I didn't notice that I've set the opacity to zero...
  10. Yes, the steps you describe is exactly what I did, I select Apple > Sleep to make my Mac enter hibernation.
  11. It's in the hibernate mode 3, actually... and I've found another issue today, it seems not only canvas/artboard render incorrectly, but also software interface. btw. I'm running 3d software like blender/c4d, I don't know if this matters. iShot2022-03-25 10.47.25.mp4
  12. All opended documents seems stop rendering when resumes from hibernation (before hibernation I was working in an external monitor). ps. af-photo has the same issue. 001.mp4 Software: Affinity Designer v1.10.5 Hardware: MacBook Pro M1 Max 64GB OS: macOS Monterey 12.3
  13. Issues description: Affinity Designer always take about 3~4 seconds to save the file, with a progress bar and freeze the layout at saving, even doing only one-step adjustment, such as hide a layer and then save, it's still taking the same time. I remember when I am using MacBook 16 inches 2019/Intel i9/16G ram, it's pretty fast when saving the same file (about 1~2 secs), especially when doing some small modifications. Document: 21 Artbords, 64.8 MB Software: macOS Monterey 12.0.1 Affinity Designer 1.10.4 Hardware: MacBook Pro (16 inches, 2021), Apple M1 Max, 64G ram, 2TB SSD
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