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  1. brush scaling would be handy... close to the center the brush is smaller, and farther from the center it is bigger...
  2. Yes!! It constantly moves... needs a lock for sure...
  3. It should be compared. Because in the not too distant future, it will be released and then potential users will need to decide whether they are going to buy it. It does not matter how old the software is to the user, just whether it serves their purpose well. I purchased Photo and Designer day 1... Sure there were things missing that have been added since. But not mind boggling how can that be stuff. The current lacks in Publisher (no proper master pages and no anchored images that flow with text) are what I would call showstoppers for anything but the simplest of projects. Sorta like if Photo couldn't initially open JPG's! I might end up buying Publisher day 1 too... because I have had such good use of Photo and Designer that I feel like supporting their efforts, but not because I have any intention of using the software in the near term. Since I know what is going on with it, I can be patient, wait a year, and use other software in the meanwhile. I think it would be frustrating to have to depend on Publisher as is.
  4. This deficiency so blunted my enthusiasm for Publisher. Left me uncertain if I will purchase upon release or wait until later.
  5. Here is a good review of Astropad vs Duet (both versions of each) https://www.imore.com/astropad-vs-duet-display-which-second-screen-drawing-tablet-ipad-pro-reigns-supreme I use Astropad with an iPad Pro + Pencil... works well! I only use tethered, not wireless. Once Affinity Designer is out for iOS, I'll be using Astropad less... maybe hardly at all.
  6. I am so used to this in other apps that I keep tapping with two fingers to undo. +1
  7. I think this for sure needs to be addressed. One of the big values of the Cloud is to have 1 version of a file. It is why in my organization we use google docs. You do not have to worry what is the latest version, or opening a version that has a newer copy somewhere else and inadvertently losing changes one made previously. Right now as it is with Photo, I am going to have a Mac copy, and Cloud copy and an iPad copy and likely end up with multiple copies in multiple locations and it is going to be the bad old days of having to do lots of manual housekeeping to keep things organized. Seems like a nightmare to me.
  8. Aha! On the welcome screen... And there is a duplicate file option there too... I tried using 'Save a Copy' to make a duplicate, but it does not allow the copy to be saved in Affinity, only to the Cloud. Okay, I'm sorted out! Thanks!
  9. I don't see any save window... Where is it?
  10. When I create a new document on the iPad Pro, I see no way to give it a name. What am I missing?
  11. +1 Some features make doing something more convenient, but it is still not too hard to accomplish it anyway. This however, is really hard to do without this function. Basically means using other software.
  12. You are entitled to your opinion... I walked away from Adobe due to the subscription model and will never look back. I still use Lightroom because I have not been forced out yet. It would be great if the Affinity alternative was out before that happened. I've used and loved Photoshop for 20 years. At this point, I consider Affinity Photo a fundamentally better application. I don't even have PS installed anymore. I prefer Designer to Illustrator as well.
  13. Yeah, Apple Pencil... Astropad is good. Feels good and not particularly laggy and seems reliable... I've not come across any issues. Some actions like scrolling menus gets blurry in order to be speedy but it's not a problem. Painting is crisp. Sometimes I paint in Procreate, but actually, besides quick sketching, I prefer Affinity Photo. With the iPad Pro and Astropad, I have a very portable setup where I can draw right on the screen... so easy to go sit in a cafe and work. I'm in no hurry for an iOS version of Photo since I have this solution and I much prefer working on my MBP to the iPad Pro. I don't much like working in iOS... too restricted, too limited for connectivity, etc.
  14. I'm happy with Lightroom since I still have the non CC version. Once they stop updating it, then I will need another application. I would love it if the Affinity DAM were ready by then. Regarding iOS... I have an iPad Pro and regularly use it with Astropad (making it like a graphics tablet) to work in Affinity Photo.
  15. Aha... Thanks! That works well... Deva (long time Adobe user now divorced)
  16. I have a design with multiple duplicate objects. They each have a gradient fill. With all of them selected, is it possible to edit the gradient? I'm not seeing any way to do that. Thanks for any help! (First post here)
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