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  1. I hope they dont forget this feature.
  2. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/13517-stroke-gradient-along-curve-or-path/ I am glad that this help me a little bit. ;)
  3. MED and the other team members, Do you have ever considered to add my suggestion in the future of design?
  4. It is now a year later. But i still miss this feature. Without this feature i cant use designer and need illustrator. A SHAME! For clarity i mean this: http://graphicdesign.stackexchange.com/questions/41564/is-it-possible-to-make-a-gradient-follow-a-path-in-illustrator
  5. Oh i forgot something. Not only a gradient that apply along the stroke ,but also that across the stroke. Same as Illustrator CC. I need really "to across the stroke" for some projects.
  6. Hi all, This is my request. -An gradient thats follow the stroke of the shape.
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