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  1. Sorry for the post in the wrong section.. Realised only now that there is "Bugs" subforum :rolleyes:... By the way the problem still exists in new Roby
  2. Hi, i don't know if someone else reported this behaviour. If i create two artboards (the second one is a copy of the first) on the first i can use the guide manager and input values for the different vertical guides i need. If i try to do the same thing on the second one, every value that i type for a vertical guide become a negative number. If i type a value for a horizontal guide it works !! Roby PS: Love this soft... and shame on me for poor english
  3. Fantastic App. Purchased today (.. and the book too)
  4. Fall in love with AD :-) Just started this catalogue of 12+4 pages. Any suggestion is (well) accepted https://postimg.org/image/by20y70mv/ Roby
  5. Hi Callum, i am not able to explain what happened. I just opened again the raw and saved the tiff with cmyk profile, 8 bit ...all the same settings (just changed the image size to have a small upload) i did yesterday. I tried to open in AD before sending and now it works!!!! (I checked the byte order of the tiff but it works in both ways, MACINTOSH & PC) May be PS produced a malformed tiff yesterday.. sorry for the post. Enjoy your evening, roby
  6. Tnx .. no problem at all .. the images are part of a shooting session for a food catalogue that i am doing with AD ( therefore you can leave my image where you want ;-) ) will do tonight... now i am with a linux laptop and haven't the "culprits" on the cloud roby
  7. Hi Callum, tnx for your fast reply. I did the correct settings in the colour management panel. But i am interested to import cmyk tiff. It seems that is not possible to import directly a cmyk tiff. If i try with the place command i obtain a black rectangle... instead if the same image is saved in rgb everything works like expected. I understand that this is not a problem... i make any cmyk softproof inside PS and save my tiff as rbg letting AD do the conversion ..but just to know PS: .. and sorry for my poor english
  8. Hi, AD is really great and love it. Still learning, but i just quitted my Adobe subscription. :lol: During my workflow i was used to edit images in photoshop, convert them in cmyk (fogra39) and then save as tiff with profile. It seems that AD doesn't visualize the cmyk tiff... any idea? Tnx a lot, roby PS: of course now i place image in rgb and let AD to make the conversion...
  9. Well done! Really like your work !!
  10. Tnx a lot for your sharing
  11. Hi MEB, tnx for your warm welcome. :)
  12. Hi, my first post and my first work with AD: A2 poster for a petrol station. I have a lot of things to learn about this software, but it seems very powerful. I am really impressed. Best regards from italy, roby
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