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  1. ObsidianDog

    Designer fail to load after update [240]

    I've tried to hold CTRL while Affinity Designer is starting to reset /clear data, I'm running on Win 8.1 (x64) with the latest Visual C++ 2017 runtime and the problem persists. AD doesn't load correctly. It's very frustrating.
  2. Hi! I'm using Windows 8.1... and the thing is that I can't open the new Isometric studio. I can see that the Check appears on View > Studio > Isometric but it simply does nothing. Any other Studio, I can open it. P. S.: I cannot see the Check in Photo. Kind regards!
  3. Hi. I use Windows 8.1 and can't open the new Isometric Studio. The Glyph Browser Studio works perfectly.
  4. Congratulations for the launch! I've just bought my copy. Awesome software. Greetings from Argentina!