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    myclay reacted to Patrick Connor in Affinity Photo, what's next after 1.7.3 (split)   
    I would say so, yes
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    myclay reacted to stokerg in How to export TGA format files with alpha channel in Designer?   
    Hi swpgf and Welcome to the Forums,
    We currently use the alpha channel in TGA only for transparency.  I guess you would like to use it for channel packing/something other than transparency, which isn't currently possible.  This feature was only just added, so i'd expect it to improve over time    
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    myclay reacted to fde101 in importing a 32bit TGA and exporting it results in loss of color where alpha is 0   
    I don't believe this is related to the export format.
    Affinity Photo does this internally without even exporting - I made a video to demonstrate this which is on another thread:
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    myclay got a reaction from Patrick Connor in importing a 32bit TGA and exporting it results in loss of color where alpha is 0   
    exporting a 32bit TGA results in optimized away colours where alpha is zero.
    TGA 32 bit with functioning alpha.tga
    to reproduce, import the attached file into Affinity Photo, export as TGA.
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    myclay got a reaction from Dan C in Why does AD for Windows have IOS12 icons   
    its there as an example and in case you want to create mockups for IOS 12 screens.
    If you want to get rid of the included icons/assets, click on the hamburger icon and select delete category.
    To be able to use the tools, you have to have a document open, go to file-> New , change the settings to what you need it for, press OK and you can start working.
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    myclay reacted to Mark Ingram in Affinity Photo Windows Customer Beta -   
    Click here to download the latest beta
    Status: Customer Beta
    Purpose: Fixes
    Requirements: A valid product key (for Affinity Store purchases), or an installation of the full retail version from the Microsoft Store

    As this is a beta it is considered to be not suitable for production use. This means that you should not attempt to use it for commercial purposes or for any other activity that may be adversely affected by the application failing, including the total loss of any documents. We hope you enjoy the latest build, and as always, if you've got any problems, please don't hesitate to post a new thread in this forum and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. Thanks once again for your continued feedback. 

    If you have a general question about the software, please head over to the Questions Forum, or if you have any suggestions, please head over to the Feature Requests forum.
    Fixed certain CMYK JPEG opening at 72 DPI Fixed Drag and Drop of a file twice causing the file to remain locked Added TGA export support Restored TIFF 'fff' support Fixed crashes when attempting to load truncated files Allow .icm profiles, as well as *.icc Fixed failure to connect to Unsplash on Windows 7 and 8.1 Fixed Resize Document Improved performance of adjusting sliders in Develop Persona Prevent macros from recording Tone Mapping or Develop Cancelling the Crop Tool remembers the initial "drag to crop" state Fixed crash with Clone Brush (current layer and below) Added Remove White Matte and Remove Black Matte to the Filters menu Fixed Image not clipping correctly when Reveal is enabled Fixed Lightroom data being stripped from Capture One XMP output Fixed saving a Jpeg replacing the Subject field EXIF Property with the Title Enabled import of ICC profiles when there is no document release notes
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    myclay reacted to kirk23 in Importing / Exporting .TGA files?   
    It's very outdated way of channel packing  in Photoshop and actually  even a wrong one  because with default Photoshop out of box setting  if you copy RGB   "grayscale" image  in a buffer and paste  it to a single channel  it recalculates pixel values to be not exactly same . You should first set sGrey  for Grey in Color Settings at least.
    The right way of channel packing is not doing it manually but rather  with  checkboxes  in a layer or group  "Layer style"  dialog   (dobleclick on a layer in layer panel) . That way you could set to what channel selected thing would add its values only.   And  you could make it a layercomp  to quickly switch on and off to same layer.
    Or even a  more convenient way  with some 3d party packing  script you could find in Internet , (sorry forgot its name)   which packs your layer comps named  layercomp_ALPH, layercomp_RED  etc, into output tga automatically.
    Affinity Photo Customer Betta have  so called "procedural filter" that also could pack  layers to certain channel . Non-destructively, with on and off option, even swap channels  a layer would add values to.    No need to do something through copy/paste absolutely.     I
    I still miss the convenience of LAyercomps although
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    myclay reacted to Patrick Connor in How do I properly work with alpha channels?!   
    Relevant input on TARGA format here
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    myclay reacted to Andy Somerfield in TARGA file please?   
    Thanks guys,
    An interesting discussion - kirk23 - you make a good point about PNG optimising away colours when alpha is zero. This is a strong enough argument to justify the inclusion of TGA as an exportable format - so we will implement it.
    .eb: Do not make ad hominem attacks on other users - it makes you look like a child and if you continue I will remove you from the forum.
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    myclay reacted to Trensharo in Epub   
    Apple Pages also exports ePub.
    As does Scrivener, and a few other apps.
    Writers aren't generally going to use a Page Layout application to write books, anyways.  It's for finishing, and I see increasingly less reason to go to something like Publisher for an eBook when you can get the entire A-to-Z workflow done in Scrivener.
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    myclay reacted to Fixx in Epub   
    I have found Jutoh creates good quality epub files.
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    myclay reacted to v_kyr in Epub   
    For writing:  https://www.apple.com/ibooks-author/
    ...or just simply:  typora
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    myclay reacted to Patrick Connor in Affinity for Linux   
    Welcome to the Serif Affinity forums  Thanks for your contribution. Yes we have considered that and that is one obvious good reason why we are not saying "never", just not now.
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    myclay reacted to LucasKA in Affinity products for Linux   
    Different people are bothered by different things.
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    myclay reacted to LucasKA in Affinity products for Linux   
    Yeah, I've spent a lot of F**king time searching. Alva isn't even close.
    Gravit is the one that comes closest, but it's missing core functionality that I am looking for and chokes out at bigger file sizes. Most of these web apps are very basic and aren't a multi-modal design paradigm, which is what I mean when I say Linux is missing a modern, prosumer level design package that can switch between digital and print.
    For instance, I'm working on a Board Game. And in one file I have all the contextual sizes of each artifact, using Artboards. Which I'm not sure any current Linux offering has.
    I have a Symbol library that I use to replicate pieces across different artboards.
    It switches between editing Vector and Raster seamlessly.
    When it comes to exporting, I can export for multiple media however I want. I can slice them into printable PDFs for that media, or I can have tiny, singular sized chunks to import into the tabletop simulator.
    The different Linux tools have some of this functionality, but then they are missing others. Then they have differing workflows, shortcuts and their own quirks and bugs (like Krita does vector but doesn't respect it's dimensions on import, which makes sense, it's a painting program). I miiiiiiight be able to cobble together this workflow with Inkscape, Gimp/Krita, Scribus. Unfortunately I don't see one with the flexible exporting system for the different media, because most of the Linux packages have long Legacies based around their one context.
    The tools that Affinity has aren't where it's value lies, it's in it's perspective of workflow.

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    myclay got a reaction from m.vlad in Affinity products for Linux   
    Seems like for example SinnerSchrader Deutschland GmbH is offering something similar to Akria and its called  Alva and available on Windows Linux, mac.
    Alva is an prototyping solution which lets you design interactive products.
    There are probably many more alternatives out there, why are you not spending a bit of your time on the net searching?
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    myclay got a reaction from m.vlad in Affinity products for Linux   
    Akiras problem; not an image editor, failure in communication what it is, abysmal Kickstarter "campaign" planning? - it was nonexistent.

    There was no tangible strategy to generate interest thru out the kickstarter.
    successful kickstarters in today's time need to have a much higher frequency of updates, recommendation seems to be at least 1 update per day or two days.
    Lack of images be it stills scribbles gifs or videos. one video alone weeks into the kickstarter? is not cutting it
    lack of planning was rampant there, it was something about making prototypes or something like that? anyways, a potential backer suspects a plethora of images
    which make one drool and say; YES I want to back this.
    the interest waned quickly when the Akira people/Kickstarter only revolved about where the link to the kickstarter was shared.
    They simply didn`t know their audience(artists!) nor about their product, it  was not finished enough to be interesting to artists or "marketed" to what artists are expecting.
    Akiras kickstarter among others is a glorious source on how not to do crowdsourcing/an kickstarter.
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    myclay reacted to LucasKA in Affinity products for Linux   
    It's actually weird to me that Affinity supports Windows over Linux.
    Not only is OSX a unix-like operating system making the base level application architecture closer, but Linux is absolutely starving for modern design tools, while Windows is saturated.
    So from a market perspective, Serif is intentionally choosing to be a little fish in a giant pond, instead of the other way around.
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    myclay reacted to Patrick Connor in Affinity products for Linux   
    Sorry, but we currently have no plans to release on Linux
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    myclay reacted to stefano.cecere in Affinity products for Linux   
    i'm a pro mac user since 1990. but after the $999 monitor stand and the overpriced macbook pros, i feel i'm going Linux soon.
    especially now that Unity (the popular game dev engine) has now a Linux version
    Serif if you are about to be a Linux player... i'd be happy to re-buy all the Affinity apps!
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    myclay reacted to AdrianB in Affinity Publisher Public Beta -   
    Pre-order was a no-brainer! Thanks for great software with affordable prices. 
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    myclay reacted to AdamW in Affinity Publisher Public Beta -   
    Status: Public Beta
    Purpose: Stability and General Testing
    Requirements: Mac OS 10.9 or above
    Download: No longer available
    First of all, I (and the team) would like to thank everyone for your fantastic response to the Affinity Publisher pre-order. If you feel that you should have received an offer email and you haven't I suggest you contact affinityorders@serif.com with as much information as possible.
    We've released this update mainly to fix the issues reported in Build 371 with the Text Tool and Select All / Copy / Paste etc. We will issue a Release Candidate next week and take things from there. After launch we will start a new Customer Beta for those who wish to have early access to on-going updates and fixes.
    We are pleased to announce that Affinity Publisher build 376 is now available as a manual download from the link above. To be notified when there is a new beta please press follow on this announcement thread.
    As this is a beta it is considered to be not suitable for production use. This means that you should not attempt to use it for commercial purposes or for any other activity where you may be adversely affected by the application failing, including the total loss of any documents. 
    We hope you enjoy the product, and as always, if you've got any problems installing or running up, please don't hesitate to post in this thread. 
    Any problems actually using this version please make a new topic in this forum and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. Please feel free to leave general suggestions and comments in the Discussion Forum. 
    Many thanks for your continued feedback.
    Menus / Studio
    (Win) Fix for Adjustments thumbnails in Layers panel not being updated
    Document transparency property now applies correctly to all spreads including masters
    Import/ Export
    Fix for crashes exporting with missing linked images
    Fixed Font Manager locate not working on fonts used by list glyph styles
    Fixes for the Measure Tool and Master Page items
    Fix for text selection range issue, Select All / Copy / Paste crashes etc
    Fixes for conflict with the Measure Tool / Text Tool when selecting
    Fixes for multi-click expanding ranges in text selection
    Selecting a Picture Frame now highlights the content resource in Resource Manager
    Fix for missing Resource Manager thumbnails on document open
    Fix for incorrect placement in Resource Manager when embedding linked resources
    (Mac) Add hyperlink button was inappropriately enabled under some circumstances
    Earlier Release Notes Beta 371
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    myclay got a reaction from Smee Again in Cross polarization/specular removal Macros in AP   
    A couple Macros which are mimicking a Cross polarization step, taking out glare and reflections on your images.
    The glare removal(within the eyes) is a separate included macro.
    Main goal was to free up artist time.
    All used example Pictures by courtesy of
    The Wikihuman Project | USC Institute for Creative Technologies
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    myclay reacted to Chris B in Windows Emoji Picker - Emojis vanish after closing the Emoji picker   
    Hey myclay,
    Ah right, I see. Thanks for explaining. I shall add this to the bug report, then  

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