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  1. I'd most likely get one too, as I'm guessing @rgcn won't lend me his. ;)
  2. Hi, I am starting into designing a simple, mostly text logo and have run into something I haven't seen before with fonts. I am hoping somewhere here can help. As I had a piece of text highlighted and was trying out different fonts shown in Designer's font list, I noticed that there are many non-English fonts (likely Mac OS system fonts) that are being displayed with English characters. Might anyone here know: 1) Why is this occurring? 2) Is it possible to make non-English fonts not appear in Designer? 3) Is it possible to find out which English font is being substituted in for the chosen non-English font? For example, I happened upon Malayalam MN which looks good for what I need, but the actual Malayalam MN font isn't an English one, and I need to know what is the actual font replacing it in Designer.) Thanks!
  3. Indeed... having Stroke added would be great. I'm still finding that an unfortunate shortcoming in this otherwise fantastic application. Thanks in advance!
  4. Wow, that's excellent! Thank you so much for sharing this! -Neil
  5. Why were Mac users getting the Windows offers anyways? If it was hopefully relay it to our Windows-using friends, it's a bit of an odd move to essentially imply "Tell your friends about the software that you already know is awesome... and we'll give them some extra free stuff if they buy it. But as a loyal user/supporter you can't have that free stuff yourself, neither for your support nor for the referral." (By the way, I help run the marketing for a software distributor, so I know how easy it is differentiate between one's current users on one platform and one's potential users on another platform.) -Neil
  6. Very true! The reminder email about a Windows version sale and its freebies is a bit of a slap in the face. -Neil
  7. I would like to know if the DAUB and Box Set brushes are available for Mac users, especially ones who just recently purchased Designer. If so, how would Mac users go about claiming them? (If not, why not? It's just a little bit "off" that the Windows freebies are different from the Mac ones, so close to the two offers.) Thanks in advance, -Neil
  8. I just read (in the great Affinity Designer WorkBook) that Affinity is working on DAM software. As an owner of Affinity Photo & Designer, and an old fan of Aperture (RIP), this was a great way to start the day. -Neil
  9. +1 This would be SO handy to have in Affinity Photo. I'm actually a bit surprised that it isn't in the application already.
  10. Adding my +1 to a Hide Selection feature. I very much miss this feature from Photoshop.
  11. I just discovered the lack of constraining the brush with a modifier key, and it is indeed an unfortunate omission. Here's to hoping it gets added...
  12. Ah ha! I see! Thank you MEB. Now, while this will work for standard shapes created by the shape tool, can a selection marquee have a fill & stroke applied?
  13. I'd like to stroke a path with a brush in AP too and am unable to figure out how. (I don't own AD.) This would be a very welcome feature.
  14. Rickey, which panel are you referring to? I'm looking around the interface and menus and don't see the one you mention.
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