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  1. The title says: Bug: move tool holding ctrl does not clone selection I apologize though if I did not include this in post text.
  2. What do you think of this screenshot? It worked before. shift key makes the drag cutout with 45 degree angles. Why can't the ctrl key work in this case?
  3. Selecting a portion of background [pixel] layer that was locked. Then I unlock the layer, then I hold down ctrl and attempt to drag selection to new location. This should have created a clone of the object either on the same layer or a new layer. Another bug with workflow? PS: copy and paste will create the cloned image of the selection.
  4. @Callum will try to do so at later time. The work was sensitive. I will try to see if i can recreate with alternate photos of similar size with less sensitive data. Otherwise, i would have recorded it like i do for most software bugs when screenshot is not enough.
  5. Also a different bug. Sometimes phantom pixels will occur when using live layers. Or other layers are not respected (some of the pixels from layers below show up on layer above). I'm not sure what the real cause is But these pixels do export, so the damage is real. I often must do several undos to get the error layer back to normal. win8.1 x64, i5 3230M, 12GB RAM (5-6GB FREE).
  6. Anytime you select 'edit filter from context menu of the layers list, the canvas turns white. (like as if an unselectable object just covers the entire canvas white. In my example, it was the add live noise layer and i forgot the other two filters. i have to do several undos to clear the whiteout. really annoying. do you guys lave some sort of deugging log that i could upload?
  7. what about creating an outline of the selection path (like a pen or vector line drawing) of the selection. This would then be put on a separate layer. Is there a tool that does this?
  8. I was looking to select an object and then "trace" it (trace the selection path). Meaning draw vector lines that follow the selection. These lines would be on a separate layer, which can be manipulated or exported separately Has anyone figured out how to do this?
  9. Has anyone using Windows 7,8.1,10 tried doing start menu search for "Windows Fax and Scan" or "Scan a document or picture"?? Should load a program like this:
  10. The photos are a bit sensitive in that project. Perhaps later I will create a new .afphoto project with more generic photos.
  11. Affinity Photo 1.72.471 Hmmm. But if the current layer is already selected (which it would when I am copying something), when I paste the new layer should be directly above the last selected layer. What is happening is that the pasted layer is placed above the lowest visible layer in the project.
  12. Some fonts have a question mark before them, as shown in the photo. I wanted to know what it means exactly (not available, cannot import, etc) and how to fix it.
  13. I noticed that when I create a new artistic text object via pasting, that it inserts the text as a new layer right above the lowest visible layer. If you are working with a lot of layers, you can quickly see that scrolling down to the bottom layer becomes inconvenient. I would like it to paste the new layer either above or below the current layer. I would also like to be able to paste on the same layer (have one or more artistic text box on the same layer). Any ideas on how to paste to get what I want?
  14. Thanks. I didn't know reactions to post were limited per day. That's odd. Could have saved me a post.
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