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  1. Thanks for your replies. It is mainly custom brushes I have created in Photoshop. I’ll take a deeper look at the import process and make some tests.
  2. Dear all, Is it possible to import .abr brushes for use in Affinity Designer? Thank you!
  3. Please, please, please can we have this feature in AP? It is literally the only thing that is stopping me from ditching Adobe and switching my workflow to AP/AD. I utilise the feature a hell of a lot when creating technical illustrations in PS and there really is no workaround in AP that is even close to being suitable. Pretty please... :)
  4. +1 for a scaling panel and user customisable dimension annotations.
  5. Hi guys, I currently use Adobe Illustrator to draw technical drawings in a set scale. Although not a native feature of Illustrator, all input measurements etc are scaled to the chosen scale using a plugin suite called CADTools. Sadly I have enquired and there is no future plans for the developer to add Affinity Designer compatibility. This is the only thing stopping me from swapping Illustrator for Affinity Designer. It would be great to have a panel that can handle scale drawing for the more technical illustrators/draughtsman out there. The ability to drag out measurement annotations etc would be also fantastic. I know that there are obvious work arounds that I can use with extra effort, but the time taken to implement them is not something that I currently wish to add to my workflow. Thanks! :)
  6. I actually know nothing whatsoever about AP or AD other than they look like a pretty good contender to eventually break the Adobe monopoly over the software I need to use to make a living. Like all people who have been in this industry for a while and using the same software for 20+ years. You build up a tried and tested set of workflows and techniques. Changing is hard, changing costs you time and money so we try to make the transition from one to another as seamless as possible. Having the same but improved tools sets with extra goodies makes the process a lot easier for people who are already running and simply don't have the time to stop and relearn. Running a brush along a vector path is quite a simple tool which has been around a long time in PS. There's no point me making the jump to AP until simple things like that have been included. I would then happily spend the next few months becoming accustomed to the new ways that AP does what it does. Edit in command sounds interesting, but being in the file menu suggests to me that it means coming out of AP to edit your file? Even if that is easy I just need to run a brush along a path in my photo editing app. The process doesn't need to be complicated. Just select a path and a brush press a button and boom. Preferably exactly the way PS does it, but in AP. :)
  7. For a more in depth explanation of how this is implemented in Photoshop please see the following short video that I found here. :)
  8. Hi guys, This feature request relates to the following question here. It is currently a feature in Adobe Photoshop and is very useful. Basically you select a vector path on the artwork and then click the button on the paths palette marked in red in the image below: This will use the previously selected vector path as a guide to run the currently selected brush along. Much like using the mouse or stylus to draw with the selected brush, this feature treats the path as a guide rail for the brush and allows you to get nice smooth, perfect strokes when required. It would be great if this feature could be implemented into Affinity Photo. Thanks, Emil
  9. Agreed, but too much messing around jumping from one program to another. Seems a reasonable function to include in AP. :)
  10. Because I do not want the outcome to be a vector. I want it to be pixels and in the same program I will be utilising to create the rest of the illustrations which will be AP. :)
  11. Hi, In PS to run a path along the currently selected brush you just select the path and then at the bottom of the paths palette there is a button. When clicked it runs the currently selected brush along the path. It seems that Affinity Photo does not yet have this function. :)
  12. Hi guys, Looking at making the jump form PS to Affinity photo and I'm just checking to see if the processes I use heavily are implemented in Affinity Photo. In PS you can stroke a path with a brush. Is this possible in Affinity photo? Thanks. :)
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