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  1. Hello! I remember writing about this several years ago, but nothing seems to have been changed as of yet. Why do the Paint Brush and Pixel tools have different contextual alternatives? Is there a reason as to why you can not use the same functionality with the Paint Brush tool as with the Pixel tool (personally I'm mainly interested in the "Drag+Shift to constrain stroke" option)?
  2. I don't understand why the Paint Brush and Pixel tools have different settings?
  3. A very good suggestion! Your description sound similar to the grid feature that is utilised by FireAlpaca, although more refined. Indeed, it does sound like it would be the best solution for everyone, and there are even real world examples that demonstrates the viability of such a feature.
  4. I understand the utility in the method you describe, but I do think there is also value in the simpler approach as well, as it is less cumbersome and more fluid for sketching purposes, allowing for gradual layering of value, coverage, grain, gradients, while also not interrupting the overall experience of drawing as much as a procedure that would require multiple steps (in your case it would be a matter of initiating a "press", "align" and "release" action with your fingers in that order, as opposed to just a "press" or a "release" at the respective ends of the period spent working in the constrained mode). It is also worth keeping in mind that, as demonstrated in Corel Painter, 45-degree diagonal angles could easily be supported as well within the same modifier-behaviour utilised in Photoshop. Straight lines could also be made arbitrarily by clicking between end points with the modifier key activated. Perhaps there is a way to enable all solutions, depending on the users preferences?
  5. It's heartening to see this feature request getting reiterated again I'll keep hoping for the best.
  6. I personally like the Pixel Brush Tool constrain system as is - although I can certainly see the improvements described above as good additions - but I wish the normal Brush Tool had the same functionality.
  7. I'm sorry for starting several threads about this topic. I didn't notice your reply until I just checked my account content today... Your reply is certainly encouraging, at any rate :) Until any news regardings this matter emerge officially, I'll just keep hoping for the best.
  8. This is very important for sure. I truly hope it is something that can be fixed eventually.
  9. Turns out it was the latest Wacom driver version that was the cause after all. My apologies for not doing a thorough enough testing before making this thread :/
  10. Hello Sean! Thank you for the fast response :) I recently changed to a Wacom PTH-860-K0. I installed the latest drivers, but I will try some older driver versions and see if it changes anything.
  11. Yamanote

    Apple Pencil

    As someone planning to acquire Affinity for iPad in the near future, I would love to see this implemented in a high quality fashion as well.
  12. I've seen this question asked quite a few times on this forum. Yet, it is - along with the feature request of adding the Pixel Brush Tool constrain stroke function to the Brush Tool - inexplicably missing from the common feature requests thread. What does it take for a request to be added to the aforementioned thread, and is there any chance that they will be added sometime in the future? Again, I've seen these two things brought several times, often without any feedback from the moderators and/or developers, and it is a bit disheartening, especially with how good everything else already is in the Affinity application lineup. I understand that it's not fair to compare the resources of Adobe and Affinity, but - at least to myself - even just a short "no, this can no be done" would be preferable to silence. At least that way some of us can move on and look for other solutions.
  13. I tried it again with a mouse instead of my Wacom tablet, and it seems it DOES work. Could it a bug with my tablet? All Wacom tablets? Tablets in general? Would be nice to know if there is a solution for this.
  14. Hello! When trying to invoke the dynamic brush width adjustment tool - using ctrl + option + drag left/right (It's not mentioned within the UI, so I had to look it up online) - nothing happens except for the color picker being activated (because of the option-key being held down). Am I missing something, or has the shortcut been replaced/removed?

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