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Affinity Photo: Pixel & Paint Brush Tools: different modifier hotkeys?

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I put in a request for additional modifier keys for the Paint Brush Tool in Affinity Photo in the Feature Request section of the forum, but garnered no replies.


I'm aware that it is probably not a feature that will be implemented any time soon, as the Affinity Team have a bunch of other things of higher priority to take care of.


However, I still would like to know what the rationale was behind adding certain modifier hotkeys to the Pixel Tool (cmd + drag to erase, shift + drag to have lines constrained horizontally/vertically), and not adding them to the Paint Brush Tool as well? The latter modifier option in particular is something that I use in Photoshop all the time, and it is the one thing that is keeping me from switching. It is a shame for me personally, because like I wrote earlier, there is so much to appreciate with the Affinity application lineup. 


I have seen several other request threads for this feature as well, so I know that I'm not completely alone in at least wanting some clarification regarding this matter. 


Any light shed is deeply appreciated. Thank you so much for all your awesome work so far!

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Hey Yamanote,


In some instances, it could be keys reserved for other modifiers and in others, perhaps just a simple case of it being overlooked. Unfortunately it is rare that you will find development justifying their choices. The best thing to do is to simply keep adding anything like this to Feature Requests. Just because your post didn't have a reply, it doesn't mean it hasn't been considered or had an internal discussion. It definitely isn't a place where posts go to die either. It is there for a reason.



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I'm sorry for starting several threads about this topic. I didn't notice your reply until I just checked my account content today... 


Your reply is certainly encouraging, at any rate :) Until any news regardings this matter emerge officially, I'll just keep hoping for the best.

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