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    Paul Martin got a reaction from Jowday in Cut tool?   
    I'm a DrawPlus user and I can't see how you cut a vector object into parts. What am I missing?
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    Paul Martin got a reaction from Jowday in Missing text editor ?   
    Nope. Some of us have been badgering for this feature for many months. It's vital to anyone who has to be their own editor as well as layout artist, we have been ignored/fobbed off every time. For reasons I cannot understand, in terms of Serif's existing customer base, they don't want to do it. I'm waiting for someone to provide a tutorial for poor sods who, having prepared their layout, get told that one or more articles must be rewritten. I hope this issue has moved on since I - and others - first raised it, but there's nothing I have found in the tutorials to suggest it.
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    Paul Martin got a reaction from haakoo in Where's the word count facility?   
    I have just tried this, haakoo, and I don't think this would be much use for managing a 2,000 word article. I watched the tutorial for how the linked/embedded item worked for pictures and was initially hopeful, but they simply haven't done the equivalent for text. Which is a pity, as I would be perfectly happy to do the text editing in Word and simply let the updated version appear automatically in Publisher.
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    Paul Martin got a reaction from Wosven in Publisher does not recognize WORD .docx files!   
    I've had my say, here and elsewhere, about the bizarre lack of an internal wordprocessor, importing Word files etc. Currently, I'm trying to find ways of working with what we have.
    So here's a for-instance. I have a 2000 word article that I need to include in my newsletter and a contributor supplies it, late as usual, in Word format. I'm a cheapskate who hates Gates and uses LibreOffice Writer. It's pretty good, so I can load up the Word file and save it as RTF. I check it for the idiot contributor's usual mistakes, mis-spellings and inaccuracies and use Publisher's Place function to put the text into my standard newsletter template. I pipe the content through a few text frames and wait for some other key contributions to arrive.
    At the last minute, the resident legal eagle says on no account must unflattering references to a certain celebrity be published while she-who-must-be-obeyed says the article must be cut by 15% and an explainer added.
    Now, if AP could export the (already revised) text back into LibreOffice so that I could edit the content as a piece of English, rather than pretty fonts on a nice background, I might not have the oft-threatened heart attack. But can I do that quickly and easily? Maybe twice to get it right?
    Answers on a digital postcard, please.
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    Paul Martin reacted to Cineman in Publisher does not recognize WORD .docx files!   
    The sooner the better. This is a nuts-and-bolts level feature for any layout app.
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    Paul Martin reacted to Patrick Connor in Publisher does not recognize WORD .docx files!   
    @DanielC & @Stevde W 
    Welcome to the Serif Affinity forums  
    DanielC I have merged your post into this relevant suggestions forum thread. No doubt if we can implement this in an efficient way the styles would also be brought in. For now the only work around is RTF export and import into APu.
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    Paul Martin reacted to DanielC in Publisher does not recognize WORD .docx files!   
    Hey - are you going to implement word doc import? Preferably a word doc that has styles set up and then can map those to publisher styles????
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    Paul Martin reacted to Stevde W in Publisher does not recognize WORD .docx files!   
    Indeed, I did spot how to change the block of text brought in by copy / paste but it is cumbersome. Beats me = they had a good programme with P Plus, so why not just build on that. The only thing I would have liked in PP is double page view and my copy will not paginate to pdf nor will it create a table of contents! I suppose some whizz kid at the firm has made his mind up to create something newer, but worse!
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    Paul Martin reacted to Phil Martin in Publisher does not recognize WORD .docx files!   
    OK. It's a nuisance to have to open every .docx file, but copying the text and pasting it into a text box works. It works even better than placing an RTF file. Users of the beta version are going to have to resort to numerous work-arounds.
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    Paul Martin got a reaction from Ralph in Word count - please, please don't tell me there isn't one   
    There has to be a word count facility somewhere doesn't there?
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    Paul Martin reacted to Bad_Wolf in How to color registering in Publisher for printing   
    Hi all,
    Imagine a four color printing press which has 4 plates for the colors magenta, cyan, yellow and black. Because of some tolerance differencies between the colors there will be a small gap between adjacent colors possible. To avoid this small gap, I used "overprint" in the past (early nineties) with applications like Freehand and Quark Xpress for the outline of a shape or text.
    I do not know if I make myself clear. Therefore an example here :
    I have a yellow square in the CMYK color format. I place a magenta circle over it in the same color format. Now theoretically when it finally prints in the printing press, I have a yellow square with on top a magenta circle. However, when I leave the drawing like this because of some inaccuracies of the press there will likely be a small gap visible on the outline where the two colors meet each other. What I did in the past was give the line a 0.5 to 0.8 thickness and selected "Overprint". This mean there will be a color overlap of 0.5 to 0.8 from the top object (in this case the circle) over the bottom object (the square).
    How can this be done in Affinity Publisher?
    Thank you very much for your input.
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    Paul Martin reacted to Tom Schülke in assets panel   
    and furthermore....

    make drag and drop from finder or windows explorer to this Assetpannel possible....   and further more alow for    specified Networkfolders so you can select libarys that are stored in your network if wished...
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    Paul Martin reacted to janeann in assets panel   
    How can I reduce the panel with asset presets - it takes up far too much screen space
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    Paul Martin reacted to powderizedbookworm in What is Affinity Publisher For?   
    Not as such, no. Word processors aren't text editors, but they can behave like one, which Publisher cannot do currently.
    For instance, Word has a web layout which lets text flow freely around the screen.
    More importantly, if you paste 50,000 words of text into Word, Word will make as many pages as is necessary to accommodate that text. If you reduce the size of the margins, Word will understand that you wish to alter the area of text on every page. Every page will reflect that change, and as many pages as are necessary will be created to accommodate it.
    Currently, Publisher has no way to wrangle huge amounts of text without worrying about formatting, and has no way to globally change the default formatting. This is fine for brochures, but is not fine for books.
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    Paul Martin got a reaction from Jowday in What is Affinity Publisher For?   
    Yep, that would be pretty much my concern, too. As I say elsewhere, this seems to be going down the "PageMaker" route which is pretty hopeless for those of us who want the "Ventura" approach.
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    Paul Martin got a reaction from Jowday in Word count - please, please don't tell me there isn't one   
    There has to be a word count facility somewhere doesn't there?
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    Paul Martin reacted to R C-R in Will there be a page layout program comparable to InDesign or Quark?   
    The requests/suggestions are certainly more plentiful & diverse than before. A few of them do strike me as a bit weird, but I don't know if the overall ratio of weird to not weird is any different.
    I think part of the apparent weirdness is there are now a substantial number of users of Windows only apps here, like the Serif Plus & CorelDraw products, so some things they are used to in those apps may seem weird to Mac users. Similarly, the Windows & Mac OS's are enough different "under the hood" that users of one platform will find some things weird about how their system level features are used in the Affinity apps on the other one.
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    Paul Martin reacted to Alfred in Will there be a page layout program comparable to InDesign or Quark?   
    Sorry, but it was just too irresistible! A fuller answer would be something like: "It will be both, and I hope they're released at about the same time, but I wouldn't be greatly surprised if the Mac version comes first (quite possibly several months ahead of the Windows version)."
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    Paul Martin reacted to R C-R in New Desktop Publishing App?   
    You may not know that Affinity started off as a research project at Serif to test an idea about coding for memory-constrained hardware, & that this was done on an iPad for that reason. It was so successful that the decision was made to develop Affinity as commercial software. Since iOS & OS X use many of the same API's & (I am guessing) they probably used Apple's development tools for part of the development process, porting the Mac versions back to iOS could take far fewer development resources away from other projects than one might expect.
    Another thing to consider is their return on investment -- there obviously are far fewer iPads than desktops in the world but there are many more graphics apps for desktops than iPads, so since the development work is already partially done, it makes good business sense to get into the iPad graphics market ASAP.
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    Paul Martin got a reaction from tillsten in object blending tool   
    There seem to be quite a few "manipulate a vector shape" tools/effects that don't exiswt in AD. Perspective might be another.
    I'm not under any commercial pressure and generally happy to learn a new way to achieve a similar effect with a new software version, but I rather fear that AD doesn't aim to do this.
    If someone was really keen, I'd be intrigued to see "Coca-Cola" can in both programmes, i.e. how you draw a cylinder, view it from a particular angle and then wrap a design around it. In other words, the sort of image you see all the time in commercial art but which is far from easy to achieve.
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