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  1. Fotero, thank you for taking the time to respond so fully to my question. I am certainly NOT insulted by being given information about this topic, on which my previous understanding was very much lacking. My computer, as per the spec in my signature, is self-built, running Windows 10 Professional. I currently have all the settings as you state under Display Setting>Advance>Color Management, my monitor's x rite profile is selected as the default. What I am still not completely clear about is, in Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer, should I set the profiles there also to my monitor's x-rite profile or should I leave them at the default, i.e. "sRGB" etc.. Once again, my sincere thanks for your help. Jeff
  2. @DidiS, as R C-R has said and is confirmed in the thread he linked to, Affinity Photo thumbnails can and do appear in Windows File Explorer. You will need to ensure you follow Lee's advice in that linked thread (about type and displayed thumbnail size) and that in Preferences>General "Save thumbnails with documents" is ticked. (I have AP and AD running under Win 10 Pro and can see thumbnails for all my Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer files.) Jeff
  3. My apologies. I had checked the correct page but had thought I saw NatureArt listed as "Not compatible" rather than "Not tested". Should you wish to amend that list I can confirm that NatureArt does function fully in AP for Windows. Jeff
  4. PeanutsA, I think we all understand "where you are coming from". It is annoying (very) that some plugins "work" in AP for Windows and some do not. However, I think RC-R's basic tenet that there could be no guarantee from Serif sales staff about possible compatibility with AP is reasonable, however close to beta release AP might be. Indeed, those sales staff may not even have known that (i) AP was imminent for release, or (ii) which plugins would/would not work with it. I'm not sure which Akvis plugins you have but I can tell you that one, NatureArt, listed as "Not compatible" on MEB's page, actually DOES work in AP. Similarly, only one Topaz plugin is listed as "Not compatible"; I don't have that one but all others I do have do work. I personally am "annoyed" by the fact that I have at least two plugins, Photo Toolbox "PT Portrait" and "Skin Finer", listed in the Filters menu but open in AP with blank screens! Bottom line: there is still much for the AP developers to do to "improve" plugin availability, compatibility and usage. But they are getting there! I suspect the road will be long and final success may well be several weeks, or even months, (hopefully not years) away. We all need to be patient! Jeff (wanting all my plugins to work but accepting that I must be patient :( )
  5. Azizur, I wonder whether this Microsoft support page and the troubleshooter you can download might give you any help? https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/help/17588/fix-problems-that-block-programs-from-being-installed-or-removed What you are seeing is certainly NOT common for users of Affinity products. Jeff
  6. http://www.miguelboto.com/affinity/photo/plugins-support/ is the page which leads to the list of plugins tested with and deemed "compatible", "not compatible" or "untested" with AP for either Windows or MAC. Having just checked this again on my own computer I'd like to draw MEB's attention to the fact that ABSoft's "NeatImage 8" DOES work in AP for Windows, both release and latest beta versions. I know this is a very popular plugin for the removal of image noise; perhaps would-be purchasers of AP might be somewhat hesitant to commit to the software if they are regular users of NeatImage? Jeff
  7. According to the page which MEB created, listing the PS plugins that AP can see and use, Vertus Fluid Mask 3 should be "available". For me, it is not, using AP for Windows. Preferences>Photoshop Plugins does not even list it though it is stored in the same folder as all my other plugins which I use/have used in PhotoPlus X8. Any suggestions? TIA. Jeff
  8. Carl, I've not seen that "Transparency" error message with any of the Topaz plugins I've tested in AP (Adjust, Clarity, Clean, De-JPEG, Detail, Lens Effects and Star Effects) but I do remember with PhotoPlus X8 receiving a similar message with Vertus Fluid Mask, (which doesn't appear at all in AP for Windows but can, apparently, be used in AP for MAC :angry: ) the solution to which was to "Promote to Layer" the whole image. Not sure whether any of the options on the Layers menu might be the equivalent? Jeff
  9. Carljh, I can't speak for all the plugins which you list as "not working", but I can say that all those Topaz ones DO work in AP for Windows on my computer. Also, I'm surprised that you say they are shown under the Filters menu but are actually not working. I have a number of filters which do work under PhotoPlus X8 but not under AP; they do not even appear in the Preferences>Photoshop plugins list and hence, not in the Filters menu either. Is the problem for you caused by 32 bit versus 64 bit versions? Jeff
  10. Sorry for the delay in replying, and thanks to both respondents. Unfortunately, I don't think I yet have a definitive answer to my question, although Lee D's response in https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/32087-picture-not-having-the-same-appearance-inside-and-outside-affinity/?p=157337 does seem to imply I should be setting my calibrated monitor profile as the "RGB Colour Profile" and the "32 Bit RGB Colour Profile" in Preferences>Colour for both AP and AD.
  11. I think the first part of this post may well be the answer to this question https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/31554-colour-profiles-and-affinity-designer-and-photo/ to which I did not receive a direct answer, I think. Can I assume from the above that I should set the Preferences>Colour for both AP and AD to be the calibrated monitor profile which the X-Rite ColorMunki Display is set to create each month? Jeff
  12. Ditto here. Your view, not supported here, I think, since thumbnails are visible in Windows 10 Explorer
  13. I am by no means an expert in this area but I strongly suspect that what you are asking is impossible to answer. Although AD is an extremely capable "alternative" to Illustrator and AP to Photoshop, I believe there has been no attempt to make either of them "directly equal" to any specific version of their Adobe competitors. Since the image you posted clearly allows Affinity Designer format files as acceptable I really don't understand that section asking for "Minimum Adobe CS version". I think you need to ask graphicriver why they "need" this information.
  14. @vegasabel, did you read the included pdf file which explains the procedure for installing the macros in AP for Windows? You can't simply click on the file; in Windows you have to Import the macros to the Library (which I always thought was a MAC-exclusive term?).
  15. John, at least one other thread "bemoaning" this is https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/29288-image-when-viewed-in-plugins-is-rotated/
  16. My understanding: assuming your "main computer" is also a Windows machine, no problem about also installing it to the new Windows laptop. However, if that main computer is a MAC, you will need to buy a separate licence (and program, Windows version) for the laptop.
  17. This is the sort of question to which I feel I ought to know the answer but... My monitor is an LG E2551, which is colour-profiled using an X-rite ColorMunki Display, permanently connected via USB, obviously, which monitors ambient light as well as requiring/requesting me to re-profile the colour output of said monitor once per month, which I do. So, I think the colours seen on screen should be "correct"? Using both AD and AP on Windows 10 I'm very uncertain about which colour profile I should choose in Edit>Preferences>Colour. Should I select for the 16-bit and 32-bit Colour Profiles the latest one created for the monitor, or should I simply use the defaults, or even, one of the several available created for my Epson Stylus Photo P50 printer? I'm simply attempting to be able to produce print-outs from both AD and AP that are as "close as possible" in colour to what I see on screen. Yes, I do understand the screen is RGB and any print-out is CMYK and hence "exact" colour matching is impossible, but I would like to get the two to be as close as possible! Many thanks for any advice offered. Jeff
  18. My computer is also an i7 with 32Gb RAM; for me, switching between Personas, using a jpg file to test, takes anything between instant and approximately 3 to 4 seconds! Could you post here or somewhere else one of the images that exhibits this problem for you, along with a detailed description of the steps/changes you made within each Persona? Then others can test whether this is a problem also for them, or whether there is something specific about your system that is creating this extreme delay.
  19. @John Rostron, I have to admit I've never before come across a scanner that does not include the specialist software to allow scanning to file. Having looked quickly at the support pages for your model, I see there is not one! My apologies!
  20. @arfo62, You might care to look at https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/30398-raw-conversion-soft-darker-colors/ a thread where I, along with the OP, found some not inconsiderable differences between the RAW conversion of AP and that of Canon's own DPP4. Admittedly this was in the Windows version but it sounds very much as if the MAC version has the same problem. I'm sure the AP RAW convertor will "get better" but, for now, DPP4 produces a better result (also, for me, using a Canon EOS 600D).
  21. Isn't the "best" way for importing via scanner to use the scanning software provided with the scanner? I understand why you would want to retain the ability to invoke your scanner directly from AP but it is surely not a great amount of additional work to scan to folder from your scanner's software and then simply open the image in AP?
  22. Thanks MEB. Perhaps that needs to be "announced" somewhere (in order to prevent others posting a similar question?
  23. I'd like to also support this request, perhaps an additional pdf that could be downloaded from this forum? @Grayman60, those resource files are all downloadable, the "titles" are hyperlinks. Simply copy the link address of the one, or more, that you want to your browser and open the page. In my case, I designated a folder to store the ones I wanted to work through and then opened them in AD.
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