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  1. Thanks very much for your reply, John. It is clear and very much appreciated. I am looking forward to trying this out.
  2. Could you (or someone else) please expand on what is being said here. I would be grateful. What I am trying to achieve is a focus merge and HDR merge with the same 3 bracketed images. I am reading this reply as, once I've merged the bracketed images in HDR, I can then focus merge them? Thanks for anyone's time!
  3. Thanks for the help with this. I will have a good look at things when I have more time, at weekend.
  4. Thanks for your time, John. Let's hope someone can help.
  5. I am using Mac OSX 10. 10. 5 Graphics Intel Iris Affinity version 1.6.6. In preferences, 32 bit RGB Colour Profile, sRGB IEC61966-2.1(Linear) is ticked
  6. The same thing happens! This is, as you said, with just the first four images. Untitled.jpg.zip
  7. Thanks, did you open the merge I did, post number 7, above? It came out 'differently' to say the least
  8. I've just tried again, several times, it will not upload. I tried dragging and dropping also. I am given, "There was a problem processing the uploaded file. -200" Ah well
  9. Thanks for you reply, John. It is a JPEG which I reduced to the size of for the upload. It is a basic landscape scene, taken this morning. I'm certain there is no problem with the camera, tripod or bracketing method. There is no problem with the original images, the problem only occurs after the merge. Thanks again
  10. I have problems with a kind of posterising with a finished HDR merged images. I have tried to upload images to show, but I keep getting -200 errors.
  11. I have four pictures of a church, taken with a tripod - nothing moving at all. When the four pictures are merged, the resulting images are blurred.
  12. I am just getting used to HDR merging so forgive me if I'm missing something. I am finding that after loading and merging my pictures, they become blurred. The pictures I have initially taken a taken are with a rock solid tripod are crystal clear, sharp and are straight as a die. As I say, they only become out of focus after the merge... Any comments or advice as to what is going on will be appreciated.
  13. Thanks very much to both of you :rolleyes: Very helpful