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  1. Thank you Walt for you support ,and I have just discovered [fool that I am] that you cannot see images etc in preview mode on the workspace .Doh !
  2. Hi I have affinity publisher on w10 . When i i move a picture off the page onto the work space to re-use elsewhere it dissapears it only shows on a mouse over as a marque if i'm lucky your tutorials show images off page and certainly no problem in Page plus ! Any help ,ideas welcome Thanks
  3. my 64bit Windows 10 Laptop can scan using Irfan 64bit free version and Brother printer Scanner, it works but Affinity can't.. I can live with it . I just asked a question Thanks for al yourl replies and interest.
  4. Thanks for your reply.what your saying is there is no option to scan directly into Affinity (Windows)but only import. Via a third party app But it is a feature in the Mac version .That looks like an oversight in the programme.Even Photoplus offers this function.
  5. Can you tell me how to scan in an image as there does seem to be any options .the help file are next to useless Thanks
  6. My Affinity photo will not load "This application was unable to start correctly (Oxc000005 ) click to close " why is this this, what does it mean ? I have uninstalled and reinstalled the programme and checked the firewall what next
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