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  1. Hi catlover, I would recommend creating a folder to keep your resources in your Documents folder for example as this will be selectable when using the Import Brushes option on the Brushes tab. A downside to creating a folder within the Affinity Folder tree is that if the app if ever removed that folder will also be removed. Thanks Lee
  2. Hi RKTodd, When you are ready, resize you canvas, then switch to the Export Persona, using the Slice Tool draw a selection around your project, including the resized canvas area. Now on the Export Options panel change the colour of the Matte and then export that Slice. Another way is to add an outline to your image, you can do this via the Outline option on the Effects Tab, click to enable and then click on the cog icon for more options. Set the alignment to Outside and Radius for the thickness and also the colour. Thanks Lee
  3. Hi Olivier, Welcome to the forums. I would recommend checking out the Help section within the app as this has steps for you to follow, for example in the Help, search for Cropping. Also here's a link to our video tutorials. Thanks Lee
  4. Hi lynxar, Welcome to the forums. To open RAW files simply click File > Open and select your file, this will load the Develop persona. You may want to check out the supported RAW list to make sure your camera is listed. Thanks Lee
  5. Hi Onlymac, The plugin engine is going to have a lot of time spent on it during the remaining development time, see this topic for more information. Thanks Lee
  6. Hi Mary, To straighten an image you will need to use the Crop tool, this is also having some further improvements during our remaining development time. Regards Lee
  7. We are continuing to add more cameras to the supported RAW list. Can you confirm which Sony A77 you have as the SLT-A77V is on our supported list.
  8. Hi Eure56, You will need to have both Designer beta and Photo beta installed for this to work. It's then just a case of having the image selected and going to File > Edit in Photo. Regards
  9. Here's a link to the supported RAW list, the Nikon D7100 is listed.
  10. Welcome to the forums, We do have an option to remove unwanted canvas areas, from the Document menu, select Clip Canvas.
  11. Welcome to the forums, In the Export persona on the Export Options tab there is a preset for PNG-24 (with transparency) I recommend using this option. Out of interest when you created a new document did you enable the Transparent background option?
  12. Welcome to the forums, I would create a new document that is the overall size that you wish both your images to be. Then open one of your images and select Edit > Copy, switch to your new document, then Edit > Paste. Now repeat this for the other image you can then to begin to edit them together. When you're finished you can use the Export Persona to export your project. Hope this helps.
  13. Welcome to the forums, Options for layers can be found on the Layers & Select menu drop downs. You also have options on the Layers tab itself such as Group, Add Pixel Layer and Remove. Out of interest which tutorial were you watching?
  14. We have a number of FujiFilm camera models on our supported RAW list and more are always being added.
  15. Welcome to the forums, Have you tried zooming out and with the layer selected and then use the Move Tool.
  16. Using Affinity Designer you will be able to create simple to complex designs. However it is different to PagePlus so you would need to learn the program and the tools available. Here is a link to some of the online videos we have at this time I would also check out the tutorials section here.
  17. Have you downloaded Affinity Designer from the App Store or have you downloaded the beta version of Affinity Photo? In any case in Designer go to File > New to start a new document, in Photo it will be File > Open, you can then select an image to start editing. You may want to check out the Tutorials section here.
  18. Thanks for your suggestions, we will be releasing a roadmap soon outlining our planned improvements.
  19. Welcome to the forums, At this time the Crop tool only has the available constrains and the option to reposition the crop to suit. However this may change during the beta period.
  20. Welcome to the forums, More camera RAW formats will be added during the beta, keep checking this link for any further updates to the supported list.
  21. We will be adding more supported cameras during the beta, you can always click here to see if any have been added. Thanks
  22. Hi JuanL, Welcome to the forums. You can resize the canvas within Document Setup by selecting a different page preset or manually adjusting the width and height. We do have a Vector Crop Tool available on the left hand side menu, this is used to crop selected objects or groups of objects. Hope this helps.
  23. Hi MalinKOslo, welcome to the forums. We are currently working on a user guide for Affinity Designer, once it's ready we will post on the here to let others know. Thanks
  24. Check out the feature roadmap here, this includes text on a path.
  25. I've not experienced any issues however if you do you can always post in the Bugs section of the forum.
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