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  1. JonDW

    Perspective correction

    Seems to me that you can do this with the Perspective Filter. Not as automated as Lightroom (Classic on the Mac) but saves another app and works on the iPad.
  2. JonDW

    Brush stops working

    Thanks Lee. I did play with all switches and had some success with the Alpha symbol but have no idea what this means or whether I was on a transparent area. Can you direct me (or tell) me what these are and how they work. Really helpful - thank you! Jon
  3. Help! Can't work out why, when the brush seems to be working ok, something seems to stop it. I'm using an Apple Pencil which is still working for selecting tools, using tools like the square etc but suddenly won't make a pen stroke. Obvious things seems ok - painting with a colour, opacity at 100, flow at 100. using iPad, Apple Pencil thanks
  4. JonDW

    Save a new brush preset

    That's the one MEB! Thank you for the help! Obvious now you've said...
  5. JonDW

    Save a new brush preset

    Thanks MEB. I select a group, then press the menu button, select New Intensity Brush and get taken to a file dialogue which appears to want me to navigate to a file. Any idea why...? Thx
  6. JonDW

    Save a new brush preset

    Thanks ... I actually thought I'd posted in the iPad forum ... but obviously not! Thanks for trying.
  7. JonDW

    Save a new brush preset

    Sorry, that would help! iPad version, so iOS. No access to Mac or PC versions. Thx
  8. Hi - I'd like to start with a standard brush, change the settings to my liking (size, flow, pressure dynamics etc) then save in my own group. Looks like I should be able to (I've created a group) but can't save a brush. Thanks
  9. Hi - what settings should I adjust in the brush dynamics so that tilting the Apple Pencil produces a shading effect, similar to that in the standard "Notes" app? many thanks jon
  10. Thanks jhoy. It's an iPad Pro 10.5 ... thought that would be enough but perhaps I'm being unrealistic!
  11. Hi - struggling with Stacking. I have 60 Mico 4/3 JPEG images. They take a long time to stack (selected to align images). Once I have then stacked, I then want to merge to a new layer to make other adjustments. This keeps hanging. using a 2 generation iPad Pro 10.5". Thanks!
  12. Having difficulty with stacks. Successfully merged 60 JPEG with Median mode to create a blurred Big Wheel. Needed to do some further edits, including straightening, so tried to use Merge Visible to create a layer to work with. Just seems to sit there and do nothing, eventually hangs. Is 60 JPEG too many? Thanks

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