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  1. cool, then i mean have it but default ^) and shown in menu as Arrange submenu items
  2. i want to select all text wich is different layers and not select blue background, so basicly i need freeze background from selection, right now when i start selection with mouse rectangle i click on background and move it
  3. would be good to have keyboard shortcut to align without mouse clicks
  4. Would be cool to have button like Convert Embedded document to Layer ^)
  5. It would be really cool to have ablity import assest from svg files with multiply selection, assuming one svg - one asset when importing, and also title of asset taken from svg file name.
  6. Asset can`t be moved from one to another category with simple drag and drop. But it will be good to have it ability Also rearrange order would be usefull to. Delete selected asset with DEL button on keyboard Select more then one asset to add in Document or rearrange order Enter Title of SubCategory or Category when Add New Subcategory Action - Dialog Pop Up with already added Assets in place
  7. why there are no close button. instead i go to View- Studio and unclick but if i detach window it have it makes no sense to me
  8. therea are also you can download and watch
  9. so no corel import? i want to buy designer but lack of this feature is like a bummer
  10. How to Save Equi Projection Perspective as New Image. Basicly i want to do a photo from panorama projection view. Ok i done it with Layer - Merge Visible any other ways?