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  1. thnx it works, it create some strange layers connections in one object, broke text in parts and remove color of some layers, but at least i see it almost like in Affinity
  2. well they actually need corel draw file, i exported in pdf and corel says file corrupted
  3. would be good to see preview thumbnail in windows explorer
  4. How to merge (insert) image in to panorama from Live Projection? so basicly i have tv screen i added image and now want it to be part of original panorama what to click?
  5. Tong

    Align shortcuts?

    cool, then i mean have it but default ^) and shown in menu as Arrange submenu items
  6. i want to select all text wich is different layers and not select blue background, so basicly i need freeze background from selection, right now when i start selection with mouse rectangle i click on background and move it
  7. would be good to have keyboard shortcut to align without mouse clicks
  8. Would be cool to have button like Convert Embedded document to Layer ^)
  9. It would be really cool to have ablity import assest from svg files with multiply selection, assuming one svg - one asset when importing, and also title of asset taken from svg file name.

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