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  1. I tried to install the recent Live Filters Macro Pack on my iPad using the instructions attached below. It failed and gave me the message also attached below. I'm not sure where they were downloaded or what to do next. Can any one help? Thanks.
  2. I like this too, very much. I don't know how to get the heart and like this token to appear.
  3. The right click is currently unusable to me because saving the edited version places it in the ExternalEditSessions subfolder of the library and I can find no way to access it from within Photos.
  4. Thanks for pointing out how to get to the Edit in Affinity Photo through the Photos edit screen. After editing in Affinity, saving and closing the Affinity document I am taken back the the Photos edit screen where I can choose save the edits or not. So, I am a happy camper! (Note: I am running High Sierra so the right click seemed a much faster way to get the photo into Affinity Photo but the fact that the results are buried deep in the Photos library make it unusable. I wonder what the Affinity team was thinking.) Thanks for the advice about using DAM software. Perhaps in the future I'll look into it but currently I lead a very simple life with respect to managing my modest collection of photos. Keywords, smart albums and separate libraries work well for me. I would rather not become involved with one more piece of software.
  5. Hi rfields, Below you can see that Affinity does return the edited photo back to Photos but in an obscure manner. This leaves the question: How do you get to the edited photo once Affinity has returned it to Photos? Here are the steps I took: (1) Click on the thumbnail of the photo to be edited so it becomes large. (2) With the cursor over the photo, right click to bring up the contextual menu. Move down to Edit with > then right and down and click on Affinity Photo from the popup submenu. (I couldn't find any Edit in Affinity Photo as JFisher suggested, at least not under Photos Edit menu.) (3) Affinity appears with the photo to be edited. (4) Make edits with Affinity. (5) Choose Save from the Affinity File menu. (A bit surprising since Save usually produces an .afphoto file on disk.) At this point Affinity seems happy, but what has it done with the edited photo? It is nowhere among the master list obtained by clicking on Library > Photos in Photos. By snooping around with FindAnyFile.app I located the edited photo in the directory path shown below: So there it is safely tucked away somewhere within the .photoslibrary package. How do we convince Photos to cough it up?
  6. Hi stokerg, I understand now. I had assumed that Develop Assistant>RAW Engine just selected the engine to be used and that you would then have to activate something like Lens corrections: to perform the actual corrections. I'll go back to my test images and work with this. By the way, if I start up Affinity without opening an image (as you suggested) then View>Assistant Manager... is grayed out. However it does become available after opening an image. Thanks for you help.
  7. When importing RW2 files from my Panasonic DMC-FZ300 into Affinity Photo on my iMac (OSX 10.13.1) no automatic correction is applied by the Develop Assistant using the RAW Engine: Serif Labs setting. The other RAW Engine setting available is Apple (Core Image RAW). When that setting is chosen the Apply lens corrections and Apply color reduction fields are grayed out and no correction is performed. Apple clearly know how to correct my RW2 files since the Apple Preview app does it. How can I get Affinity Photo to use the Apple (Core Image RAW) correction? I'm new here and don't know if saying Thanks is appropriate, but thanks for any help.
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