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  1. I borrowed a friend's x-rite i1 display and adjusted my monitor. It didn't change much, just slightly darker. I am using the ICC profile that came with my printer for the paper i'm using: epson p400 and epson hot-press natural. The colors and tone are still not coming out close to what i see on the display. How do I get it right? There are multiple places where I can choose my printer's icc profile. I see the affinity photo menu option document/"assign icc profile". I can create a soft-proof layer and choose the icc profile. (then turn it off before printing) Also the print dialog "Color management" lets me choose an icc profile. What should I do with all these? Thanks!
  2. Currently, file/open recent shows a list of file names. it'd be cooler to see a view of thumbnails.
  3. Thanks BofG and Chris, Which of the ColorMunki models will profile monitor & printer? Which Datacolor models? Will I wind up with 2 ICC's? 1 for the monitor and 1 for my printer/paper? Chris: are you saying I can profile my monitor then send away for an ICC for my printer? My printer, Epson P400, came with a bunch of ICCs for different papers. Would the ICC they send me be better?
  4. How can I get my printer's output to match the image I create in Affinity Photo on my monitor? Do I need to get a device (Datacolor, x-rite, etc.) to calibrate my monitor and printer? It looks like I could get a decent device for $100-$200. Is there a low-cost alternative approach? Most devices appear to only calibrate the display. Should I get one that does my printer too? This tutorial suggests using displayCal software: https://player.vimeo.com/video/203279705/ (see https://displaycal.net/). It appears to work with various calibration devices, I assume the devices all come with their own software, why use DisplayCal? How does it all work through Affinity Photo? Does this all involve ICC profiles for my monitor and printer? What is the process? Any advice or tips? Which is the best device <$200? Thanks! Ken I'm on Windows 10; printer: Epson p400. I do a lot of B&W prints as well as color.
  5. [newbie] I get the image to look how I want in the app but the printed output is much different. Darker and less contrast. How do I calibrate my app, display and/or printer to get them to look more alike. What would be an effective web search to find docs and tutorials on the subject? BTW, I've got a Epson SC-P400 and have all the ICC profiles if they are involved.
  6. Thanks! I'm having a hard time getting the margins right. I want 1/2" margins. I moved the rectangle on the page to 1/2" but when it prints it places the image inside the printable region which makes the margins much different. I've been trying to manually shift the rectangle and its size slightly so the printed margins come out right and after a few trials, I still don't have the margins right. Is there a better way to position the rectangle? I added a feature request to add margins and size to the print dialog. I used to use PrintShop that had it and it made my printing a lot easier. Is this not a reasonable request? Don't most people who print want to have custom margins and size?
  7. Don't others miss that feature? I have to resize the canvas and image every time I want a new print size? How would I get a 4x5 in the corner of an 8.5x11 sheet? Further, Is there a way to print multiple images arranged on 1 page? Thanks!
  8. Add options in the print dialog to set the size of the output image and the margins.
  9. [new user] What is the best/easiest to specify the print size and margins? I'm used to a print dialog that lets me specify the size and each margin. For instance, I want to print my image 4"x5" with 1/2" border top and left on letter size paper. Later I'll print the same image with other dimensions. Thanks,

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