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  1. engrgroundzero

    Crashing, crashing, crashing.

    I just want to report also about the same issues that i always encounter in my affinity photo in ipad pro which is crashing. Most of the time it suddenly hang or just closed every time I use it. I always update it to its most recent version but still it is still happening. Can somebody help me to fix this issue because it’s hussle in my work process. thanks!
  2. engrgroundzero

    Image Quality Issuue

    I would like to follow up this issue since I'm still struggling about the final output of my image. Is there's a way to achieve the same output here in Affinity Photo in terms of sharpness that I usually get from Lightroom and Photoshop? Because my current workflow is Editing (affinity Photo), Sharpening and Image Developing(Photoshop on Mac)
  3. Hi, I just want to ask if someone experienced a sudden quite of Affinity Photo while using it. Recently, I started to experience this kind of issue every time I used Affinity Photo in my Ipad Pro. Can somebody from Affinity Representative help me to sort this issue? I always update my Affinity Photo every time there's an update available. Thanks!
  4. Hi, I just want to ask if there's anyone here using the affinity photo for their Fuji raw files?
  5. engrgroundzero

    Image Quality Issuue

    Actually I'm aware of that because I used facebook most of the time to share my outputs. Even though that's what really happened, I still able to posted high quality image using my Mac. I can attained this if I posted it directly from my Mac. But when I'm uploading it directly from my ipad pro, that's not happening. I hope your getting my point. I really hope that there's a way to solve this so that I don't need to used my MAC to achieved what I need. That's why for the meantime, I just used my affinity photo (through ipad pro) to edit my raw files then I'll just exported it to my Mac for final output processing to have a high quality images. But this kind of processing is very hussle for me.
  6. engrgroundzero

    Image Quality Issuue

    Thanks a lot @DWright for response. I always exported JPEG format both from my laptop and here in my laptop but their quality are far from each other once I uploaded it in my facebook page. Actually before my editing process was through my Mac using LR and PS but now I'm just using my ipad pro to do my post processing. I'm quite happy about my new post processing except only on the sharpness or the output result.
  7. engrgroundzero

    Image Quality Issuue

    Hi, I would like to ask if there's a way that the quality of the image that I exported from ipad will be the same as the quality exported from the Mac/Laptop? Because I been trying to post directly to my facebook page those images exported from ipad using affinity photo but the quality is not that great even I already adjust its sharpness and clarity compare to those images exported from Mac/Laptop. I tried already the high pass filter, sharpness but I can't achieve d the quality that Mac/laptop can do. My number 1 reason why I choose to shift from PS to Affinity Photo is the portability that's why I hope that I can sort this issue. But I'm really impress about the capability of this app because I can do everything here like PS except on the image quality output. Thanks a lot for the help in advance!
  8. engrgroundzero

    Image Quality

    Thanks Krist and dinoburner for the comment and suggestion. I tried several types of image format but when I tried to post it in facebook it suddenly looses the quality. Before when I'm still using PS, all the images that I post on Facebook are sharp. What usually type of image format that you are using when exporting your image from affinity photo? Also, all those raw files that I process in Affinity Photo are all sharp before I started to edit it but I'm having a problem in the end when it comes to that quality. if this still continue to happen, maybe I will integrate PS in my process for the last part of my editing to achieve the quality of the image that I need.
  9. engrgroundzero

    High Pass Sharpening Tutorial

    Thanks James for this wonderful tutorial but still I'm having a problem in the image quality but this time when it comes now to export process. I tried several types of image format but when I tried to post it in facebook it suddenly looses the quality. Before when I'm still using PS, all the images that I post on Facebook are sharp. What usually type of image format that you are using when exporting your image from affinity photo?
  10. Hi, I would like to ask if there's someone has a tutorial or know how to do high pass filter processing in affinity photo in iPad to sharpening my images? Thanks!
  11. engrgroundzero

    Image Quality

    Hi, I just have a question with regards to the quality/resolution of the images that were processed in Affinity Photo in Ipad. I just noticed that those images that I process through Affinity Photo in iPad were not too sharp after I export it to jpeg. All my settings like the image quality were at 100% before I exported it but when I already posted it in social media like facebook, the quality was not too sharp even it freshly came from developed. Before when I'm doing my photo editing in PS/LS, even I already posted it in facebook, the quality of the image is still there but now it seems no longer sharp after I posted it on Facebook. Is there can somebody can help me to sort this out because I'm now doing all the image editing through my ipad but the quality that I want to achieve is not there. I hope there's a way that I can get the quality images that I usually get in processing from LS/PS through my Macbook. Thanks a lot!
  12. engrgroundzero

    High Pass Sharpening

    Hi Meb, I'm just wondering do you still need to create a duplicate layer to perform this because my usual process for the high pass in PS was creating a duplicate layer then perform the high pass sequence. Will there be a shortcut process here in Affinity Photo like what you did in frequency separation?
  13. Hi, I just want to ask if there someone of you has a video or pdf tutorial of frequency separation work flow using Affinity Photo in Ipad Pro? I just recently downloaded Affinity in my Ipad Pro and I would like to try the new way of photo retouching using my iPad. Before I do my photo editing using Photoshop, Lightroom, and Nix but now I would like to try something more portable and easiest way to edit photos. Thanks a lot to those who can help. Best regards, Judy

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