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  1. New bug found in Affinity Designer - font styles are appearing twice in the character listing for fonts installed. Regular, Regular, Bold, Bold, Italic, Italic - I double checked and this is happening after installing new fonts.
  2. Check out The Glamz on myfonts.com. Beautiful script font. Fell in love with this and bought it pronto.
  3. Not if they're on sale. You have to look for those. Normally the prices on many of these special deals would cost in the hundreds of US dollars. But well known font sites do have regular sales of many font families. You have to be sharp-eyed and look for them.
  4. New issue in Affinity Designer beta - changing font styles in documents cause the program to lock up. I was updating a document by selecting some text and wanted to change the style to the selected text when after applying the changes Affinity Designer locked up on me. I didn't even get a chance to save my work before this happened. All my work for the session was lost.
  5. Well, now that you have that font use it to test Affinity Designer's ability to print without converting to outlines. Because it won't print unless I hit Ctrl-Enter (shortcut for converting to outlines). It definitely drops characters when I tried printing. However, I do use a web service printer but I have no way of knowing if that's the cause of the problem. Except to say when I used it on a different program the characters printed perfectly. So I think there's definitely an issue with Designer printing vector curves.
  6. An idea from using an old vector program I still need to use until you guys fix Designer (Hopefully this idea can be implemented in the next beta. But I'm not holding my breath). Hover the mouse over the color swatch shows a white border showing the color choice that could be selected when you click. This way you don't have to wonder which color swatch square will be hit when you click with the mouse. Again, just a little idea. Will you put it in the next beta? That would be a nice treat.
  7. Well, I just did as you suggested and it works as a temporary workaround. But that's a lot of work just a print a simple document. I had to select the object. Convert to curves, expand the selection, and then ungroup the object. After I did all that it did print. But this is a really cumbersome workflow. I should just be able to print without doing all that preparation.
  8. I'm afraid not. Just tried saving as PDF and it won't even print correctly through PDF. This is too much.I can't even print correctly from this application. I'm forced to go back to my other program to do my work. The Affinity team needs to get their act together. How can I possibly rely on this program if I can't even print my documents with the characters I want? This needs a patch ASAP. Would anyone rely on a program that couldn't print their documents correctly? This is really bad. Until they address this issue I can't use Designer. This is a simple thing the program should be able to do without even thinking about it.
  9. Printing issue: Affinity Designer latest beta will not print correctly. I typed some text using a purchased commercial font I installed and it seemed to work fine. But when I printed the document... Affinity Designer refuses to print the entire text and dropped characters. To make sure I wasn't imagining this I exported as an EPS and imported it into an OLD program that shall remain nameless to protect from embarrassment to the Affinity Designer team *ahem* and printed the document from there. It printed perfectly. Bottom line...I cannot print reliably with this beta. I'm forced to export everything as an EPS before printing using a different program. Oh..;as for that commercial font I purchased? It was called Gotcha from myfonts.com. How's that for irony?
  10. If I'm working on a document and create a palette of colors from the swatch tool would it be possible to merge the document palette with another document palette created in another document? So this way I can combine color palettes in one document palette instead of populating my folder with different color palettes? Or failing this is there a way to group select a series of colors in a document palette and save them separately?
  11. New bug found: Global colors not created in document palette unless they're pre supplied Pantone swatches. I've noticed when trying to create my document palette with specific colors...Affinity Designer (latest beta) refuses to populate the document palette unless I'm using the pre supplied Pantone color swatches to make my document palette.
  12. Resizing text using Ctrl + > to make text bigger and Ctrl + < to make text smaller is not working. I had to remap the shortcuts to Ctrl + ] and Ctrl + [ to get it working.
  13. Open a document in Affinity Designer. Select the text tool (T) and type something. Now change the fill to anything you want. The bug manifests itself this way - The new color change is not updated on screen unless you select the zoom tool and change the zoom percentage of the document. Until you select the zoom tool the new color is not shown onscreen until you "zoom" to see it. Then it shows the new color. .
  14. This is a good workaround for the time being but still...I think it can only be called that...a workaround. Not a permanent solution to the problem.