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  1. Not on the development team but I was able to recreate this issue. Confirmed.
  2. I'm not a member of the development team but I have been paying attention to the bugs in the betas here whenever I use the Publisher beta packages. I've read this post and immediately fired up the latest beta as of today and I can say you CAN drag horizontal and vertical guides with the move tool. It's the Node tool that doesn't seem to work as advertised with the guides in the beta that was released two hours ago. I tried pulling horizontal guides with the node tool and it doesn't work. But the move tool works fine.
  3. Then here's a different one. Is Adobe starting to feel the Affinity for Designer?
  4. Thankfully the problem has gone away and I was able to download the file with no problems after a while. I guess there was a bottleneck causing the slowdown. Now...for the real new question. When are we getting the new beta 1.60.1?
  5. I can definitely confirm you guys have a problem. I was able to redownload the beta. It took me less than 2 minutes. That's how quick that download took. The official version is clocking in at 5 hours. You need to fix this as soon as possible.
  6. I've done that several times already. The download estimate is 4 to 5 hours! I would never accept that for download speeds at any price. I'd like to see if I can download the beta whether there is a difference in speed. Because when I downloaded the last beta...which was about yesterday...took me no more than 5 minutes.
  7. Then why is this download taking so long?! The betas took less than 5 minutes to download. But when I visit my page using my account...downloading the official version shows it'll take more than 3 hours. That's crazy. I doubt anybody would wait that long for a download like this. I never had this kind of slowdown before.
  8. The Affinity Designer betas were downloadable in relatively short time periods. But when I tried the link on my account page...this thing is going to take me 3 hours?! Forget it. I'll wait for the beta.
  9. HagensWatch

    Affinity Designer Customer Beta -

    I finally figured out the issue with the font favorite bug in Affinity Designer For a while now I've been puzzled why some of the fonts I've selected as favorites would be bumped off the list whenever I reopened the application to work with the font I wanted to use. Well, today I may have located the problem. Apparently, Affinity Designer bumps off the last favorite font added to the list of favorites whenever a new font is added to that list. For example, suppose you purchase a new commercial font and install that font in Windows. Affinity Designer registers the font for use..but when you add the font to the favorites list...it kicks off the last font you installed as a favorite. This explains why some fonts are no longer listed as favorites after new fonts get installed.
  10. HagensWatch

    Affinity Designer Customer Beta -

    Just curious...is there going to be an Affinity Designer released for the iPad anytime soon?
  11. HagensWatch

    Affinity Designer Customer Beta -

    Script fonts seem to be the issue. I'm noticing that it might be related to the previews of the script fonts since sans serif fonts are the ones I'm not having problems with. But this issue is a definite. I'm seeing this constantly. I select fonts for favorites and when I search for them after making them favorites....the beta "loses" that font and I have to use "All" to find that font.
  12. HagensWatch

    Affinity Designer Customer Beta -

    Font family favorites are not remembered correctly. If I choose a font family by selecting the heart icon for favorite it shows up on the list for "favorites". But I'm seeing that after I select the font for favorites that the beta "forgets" the choices I made for favorites.
  13. HagensWatch

    Affinity Designer Customer Beta -

    Some. Not all of them get this. And yes, I rebooted the application and also checked my font manager to be sure. But I've discovered a new problem...Designer "forgets" the favorite fonts I tagged as "favorites". I'm finding it doesn't remember the fonts I selected for the favorites section because when I search for my favorite font to use...I can tell it's not getting listed. So I have to make Designer "remember" that font by retagging the typeface again. This needs a fix.
  14. HagensWatch

    Affinity Designer Customer Beta -

    New bug found in Affinity Designer - font styles are appearing twice in the character listing for fonts installed. Regular, Regular, Bold, Bold, Italic, Italic - I double checked and this is happening after installing new fonts.
  15. HagensWatch

    Affinity Designer Customer Beta -

    Check out The Glamz on myfonts.com. Beautiful script font. Fell in love with this and bought it pronto.