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  1. This appears to be related to the Layers properties issue I mentioned recently. Apparently Designer reverts back to Normal immediately after applying a new property when lifting your Apple pencil from the canvas.
  2. I was testing the new iPad edition of Affinity Designer 1.8 on my iPad Pro 12.9 2018 edition and found this curious behavior. Changing layer properties to a different mode...let’s say Multiply immediately gets reverted to Normal when lifting the Apple Pencil (second generation) from the canvas. So even if I decide to change the layer property gets nullified because it always reverts to Normal. So I can’t set layer properties to a different mode if the iPad edition reverts to normal immediately after changing it.
  3. After selecting the Pixel persona I choose the paint brush tool to draw an object and suddenly I see these random straight lines generated on the board. They appear right when I click on the surface to draw a stroke. As soon as I use the Apple Pencil second generation these lines appear at random when I draw on the canvas. Has anybody else seen this issue? I'm using the official 1.7 release for the iPad Pro 12 9 2018 edition.
  4. I agree there is a lot of work to be done with the Color Swatches. Adding a global color is a real pain because once you add a global color the Swatch disappears forcing you to reopen the Swatch just to select another global color. The only workaround I've seen is manually adding a color from a swatch and choosing the option to add that color as a global color as opposed to choosing to add a global color as your first choice. Because in that case the Swatch panel disappears and forces you to reopen the Swatch to select a global color. I miss CorelDraw for this reason because in that one I could open color Swatches and they would stay open permanently allowing me to choose any color instantly. Affinity forces me to play.the game of hide and seek.
  5. I believe the issue is the current setting for the color panel. I think you're correct when you asked whether the setting for the Color panel was on tint. I now believe it was and when I checked it for using the color wheel the issue seems to have disappeared. So I think the disappearing color wheel happens when the initial setting is set to tint and not for the color wheel. However this issue may not be solved yet because I have to precisely locate where this problem happens because the Color wheel on the Color Panel was disappearing and I need to carefully retrace when this issue happens because I i wasn't imagining it. The Color Wheel did vanish when I tried editing a global color after selecting that option from the Swatches Panel. I just need to figure out why this was happening in the first place. Was it because the initial setting for the Color Panel was set for tint? I don't know yet.
  6. I currently can't do that but here's the equation that shows the problem - Swatches Panel = color wheel stays visible and editable. Good. Color Panel = color wheel vanishes when trying to edit colors. Bad.
  7. I have once again reproduced the disappearing color wheel issue on the Publisher 475 beta after installing the 481 betas of Designer and Photo. Apparently I can only change or edit the global color using the Color Panel when selecting the exact Swatch in the Color Panel by selecting the correct Swatch from the dropdown dialog box. But when I choose the Color wheel to edit the global color in the Color Panel - it vanishes. To use the Color wheel without having it vanish I have to use the Swatches panel only.
  8. There's no need for me to do this. I get this same issue no matter what document I create. So this happens regardless of the file. It's 100 percent reproducible on my Windows 10 machine 64 bit edition. Again no issues editing global colors from the Color Panel using the latest beta of Designer which is 481. The Publisher beta 475 is having this problem editing global colors using the Color panel specifically the Color Wheel. The Swatch panel is the only way I can edit the global colors using the Color Wheel in Publisher using the 475 beta.
  9. Just downloaded the latest beta for Designer No issues with editing global colors from the Color Panel in this new release. Which begs the question why this issue is happening on the Publisher beta.
  10. Well isn't that interesting. I'm using the Beta version of Publisher which shows it to be 1 7.3.475. But the curious thing is the Beta version of Designer on my Windows 10 machine is showing it to be 1.7 3.476. Now tell me where am I missing the beta for Publisher Because I didn't get the memo on this alleged release. Can you clarify that the current beta for Publisher is
  11. I tried. No go. It will not let me edit anything because the dialog box in the Color panel vanishes when I try clicking on the color slider. Poof. Gone. Every time I try selecting it to edit any color. But thankfully I can get around the bug by editing the color in the Swatches panel. But this begs the question why have the color panel open up the dialog box only to vanish when you click on a setting to edit the color? BTW this bug doesn't happen in Affinity Designer because I tested it in there. In that application it works as advertised. You can edit the global color from the Color Panel after opening the dialog box. It doesn't work in Affinity Publisher. This needs a fix. I'm really surprised nobody has caught onto this one and I'm curious why I'm not seeing the phrase "Thanks for finding this. I'll pass this on to development". Can you at least confirm my observations about the bug are correct?
  12. Latest version of Windows 10. It gets updated constantly so I don't have the exact ID number for it.
  13. If you try to edit a global color from within the Color panel the dialog box disappears. But when you edit that same global color from the Swatches panel you can edit the global color.
  14. I now think this issue is something that exists but is random. I know I experienced this issue but for some reason it's not happening anymore. It's possible this issue happens when installing new fonts that don't show up correctly causes the color wheel to vanish when trying to edit a global color. This was when I experienced the problem.
  15. Then why is it when I try editing a global color the dialog box showing the color wheel immediately vanishes?
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