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  1. Not on the development team but I was able to recreate this issue. Confirmed.
  2. HagensWatch

    Creating and placing Guides

    I'm not a member of the development team but I have been paying attention to the bugs in the betas here whenever I use the Publisher beta packages. I've read this post and immediately fired up the latest beta as of today and I can say you CAN drag horizontal and vertical guides with the move tool. It's the Node tool that doesn't seem to work as advertised with the guides in the beta that was released two hours ago. I tried pulling horizontal guides with the node tool and it doesn't work. But the move tool works fine.
  3. If I'm working on a document and create a palette of colors from the swatch tool would it be possible to merge the document palette with another document palette created in another document? So this way I can combine color palettes in one document palette instead of populating my folder with different color palettes? Or failing this is there a way to group select a series of colors in a document palette and save them separately?
  4. An idea from using an old vector program I still need to use until you guys fix Designer (Hopefully this idea can be implemented in the next beta. But I'm not holding my breath). Hover the mouse over the color swatch shows a white border showing the color choice that could be selected when you click. This way you don't have to wonder which color swatch square will be hit when you click with the mouse. Again, just a little idea. Will you put it in the next beta? That would be a nice treat.
  5. Resizing text using Ctrl + > to make text bigger and Ctrl + < to make text smaller is not working. I had to remap the shortcuts to Ctrl + ] and Ctrl + [ to get it working.
  6. Open a document in Affinity Designer. Select the text tool (T) and type something. Now change the fill to anything you want. The bug manifests itself this way - The new color change is not updated on screen unless you select the zoom tool and change the zoom percentage of the document. Until you select the zoom tool the new color is not shown onscreen until you "zoom" to see it. Then it shows the new color. .
  7. I have a simple question to the Affinity team...what prompted the decision to only allow one color swatch being opened at any one time? I'm trying to understand the logic of using Affinity Designer with only one swatch at a time. Can you explain the reasoning for this?
  8. This is a good workaround for the time being but still...I think it can only be called that...a workaround. Not a permanent solution to the problem.
  9. This issue needs more attention. I definitely think the Affinity team needs to take a look at this and figure something out. just using one swatch to locate the colors isn't very efficient and it fact is somewhat awkward. Without question allowing multiple swatches open simultaneously (I don't care how they implement it...just so long they do it) would go a long way to making the workflow in Designer much easier.
  10. If I'm forced to constantly switch to the color swatch I'm trying to create in an empty document...it's tiring to constantly select the drop down dialog to get back to the color swatch I'm using to locate that color. Opening up a separate color swatch would eliminate this problem as I could position the swatch using the colors I want so I could easily click away at the colors I want to populate my empty document palette. I shouldn't be forced to create a document palette from an image to sample my colors not when I can simply open a separate color swatch to choose the colors I need.
  11. Currently, in Affinity Designer you can't see a recent list of font choices used when editing text onscreen. You have to remember the fonts you selected in order to reapply the style. With a recent font list...you could just select among the recent choices you used in previous sessions and just select those rather than typing or scrolling through long lists of font choices. Just an idea.
  12. Can this be passed onto the development team please?
  13. This would be great. Is that a mockup? I'd love to see this implemented.
  14. I can see the swatches panel but I can only choose one swatch to be open. That's the issue. For example, if I wanted to create a document palette I'm currently forced to remember opening up a color swatch and choose one color and then being immediately taken back to the document palette. Then I have to remember the color swatch I used to get that color and then once again switch to that color palette to select another color. This gets tedious and in my opinion tremendously clumsy and inefficient. Don't you think it'd be easier to simply open up a different palette and have it be open at all times to allow the user to select the different color shades to be used in the document palette than the current workflow? I think it would be a lot simpler to allow the user to open a different color palette and then choose the colors all at one go rather than picking a color only to see the swatch disappear and being brought back to the document palette you're trying to create.
  15. When I open a photo in Affinity Photo for iPad...I choose the blur filter for the image. Then I choose the clone tool. The blur effect is immediately erased. Is this a feature or a bug?
  16. I finished creating a document in Affinity Designer and selected the entire document and applied a tracking of -35%. This simply tightened the spacing between the words in the document. So when I reviewed the document before printing I was satisfied. But after printing, I got a shock when it shrunk the entire page to less than 1/4th its original size. I tried copying and pasting the document into another window and print from there. Same thing happened. So in desperation, I was forced to copy and paste the document into an old vector program I still had (you can probably guess which one) and pasted in there. Of course, I received the warning that I was importing "an unreleased version of PDF" and that there might be discrepancies. I hit OK and it showed those changes. I made the modifications and then reprinted the document and thankfully it printed at full size. However, I have no idea why Affinity Designer decided to shrink down the entire document to 1/4th its original size when all I did was tighten up the spacing.
  17. Currently, I can only open one swatch at a time when working on documents in Affinity Designer. But this is not practical since it forces me to constantly switch to the swatch I need if I have to input a global color. Plus if I open a document palette it becomes impossible to add colors to the current document if I'm forced to constantly open up the new swatch to add that color. So currently to get around this problem I have to create a document in a different program using a format that Affinity Designer can import and only after creating the colors in the other program and finally importing it into Designer can I then use it. So do me and all others a favor...improve Affinity Designer to open multiple swatches. Because right now Adobe is sneering at Designer's inability to open multiple swatches. Wipe that smug look off Adobe's face and give us multiple open swatches.