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  1. Hi @dream3 welcome to the forums, What is your Tablet Input Method set to under Edit > Preferences > Tools? Have you tried changing this between High/Low Precision for comparison? Is this the same on all brushes? I've not found any issue with the pressure on an initial stroke on a standard Intuos BT S with Windows Ink disabled within their app and using High Precision in Photo.
  2. Thanks for uploading the file, it doesn't appear to be a local/environment based issue as I've encountered the exact same problem after adding your assets.propcol to all three apps, upon launching the apps the file resets to 1KB and wipes all the assets, this is indicating the file is corrupted and the app is re-creating the file, causing it to appear as 1KB, since the file has been corrupted this will require the files to be re-imported. This could be caused by any of the .afassets files that you originally imported into the app, if you still have these could you also upload them to the dropbox link below? https://www.dropbox.com/request/ifIcGipqsb7VCWq9LrbV
  3. Hi @watchful_shadow welcome to the forums, As you mentioned i've also not been able to re-produce this issue in a new document, therefore I would like to request if you could upload the file you experienced this issue on to the private dropbox link below for further investigation. https://www.dropbox.com/request/xJMNmQaJbYECwvBLu2wr Many thanks
  4. Hi @Plod welcome to the forums, If you have more than one object highlighted with the move tool (shortcut: V) and move them on the canvas/via the transform panel this should move both objects together without the need to group them, this is the case even with transform objects separately enabled on the context toolbar. Could you provide screenshot(s) of the app demonstrating your issue?
  5. Hi @Sempervivum, If you have created the Nadir using additional pixel/curve layers on top of the pixel layer with the 360 projection, these won't anchor in position and will act independently from the projected layer. One approach would be to position the layers on the image with the projection enabled in the desired position, group them together and then on the grouped layer Right Click > Merge Down, this will then destructively merge it with the projected layer and retain their position.
  6. Hi @augustya, Method 2 in the linked video below can give some good results without resulting in the image being overexposed or needing to use a gradient mask. Using this method I was able to create the attached which kept the lighting fairly natural. Adjusted: Blend Ranges and Curves.afphoto
  7. Hi @Iam1of2, Are you referring to the Brush Outline preview when the brush tool(s) are selected? As far as i'm aware the colour of this cannot be changed. However, you can enable 'Always Show Brush Crosshair' under Preferences > User Interface which may make it easier to see in brighter areas of the image.
  8. It would be worth following the FAQ to remove the update(s) incase it is related along with resolving the other issues that it can cause, however if the crashes you are encountering were occurring long before these were introduced then it's unlikely. I've provided a private dropbox link below if you wish to upload your document there so we can take a look. 🙂 It would be best if you could upload a packaged version of your file so I have access to your image resources/fonts, this can be done via File > Save as Package and then saving to an empty folder, the folder can then be zipped via Right Click > Compress to Zip and upload the zip file. https://www.dropbox.com/request/jzrlIW5WgOoowS9E5gR4 It would be best to work on the latest release instead of the beta build, since the beta you are currently running is likely v1.10.5, which has already been released.
  9. Hi @Sabz, Regarding the app crashing when applying masters, to rule out this being related to the latest Windows updates I would recommend following the instructions in the FAQ below and then re-try applying your master pages. Also, out of curiosity is there a reason you're using a beta build of Publisher instead of the latest release (1.10.5)?
  10. Hi @cgidesign, It's possible to disable the Brush preview under Preferences > User Interface > Untick Show Brush Previews so the currently selected brush does not appear below your cursor, however it isn't possible to disable the Brush Outline, I've linked a feature request below if you wish to voice your support for this. 🙂
  11. Hi @MxHeppa, You might Have 'Preserve Alpha' unticked on the live version of the Blur filter, since the borders around your PNG with the live filter applied all have transparency.
  12. Hi @Rizza welcome to the forums, It's more than likely being caused by the Live Perspective filter, this can cause strange blocky artefacts to appear all over the place when it's used on an Artboard, try hiding/rasterising this layer and it should stop appearing. This is an issue currently logged with the development team for resolution. 🙂
  13. Essentially yes, it can save time if custom assets ever need to be moved to a different device, the same applies to the other .propcol files that are also kept within this user directory. The crash reports don't indicate it's being caused by the Windows update, but don't give much information on what's going wrong. The only asset files that don't get restored when following this method are addons that were installed via the 'My add-ons' on the account management page, If you do have custom assets that have been imported that are not showing, could you possibly provide me with your assets.propcol file? This may take a while to upload but i've provided a dropbox link below. https://www.dropbox.com/request/hft0gChd5U2XxXIGsWD4
  14. Hi @Paulman welcome to the forums, It looks like this is specific to Preview having issues accessing the image within the specified file path, even if the image is kept locally/in the same directory as the PDF, as I also encountered this error message when trying to open the Image. I also was unable to open the hyperlink with an InDesign generated PDF in Preview. However, with the PDF(s) opened in acrobat, the hyperlinked image opened successfully.
  15. I would highly recommend you backup the Assets.propcol file that can be found by following the below: Press Win + R and enter %AppData%\Roaming\Affinity\Designer\1.0\user\ (If you're doing this for Photo swap this to Affinity\Photo\1.0\user) Backup/Copy the Assets.propcol to a different file location If you encounter this again, instead of re-importing all the assets in the app, copy the backup assets file over to the directory to restore them. The same can be followed for the other .propcol files such as the Raster/Vector brush propcol files if they are ever lost. Since you're on Windows and it sounds like this is an issue you have only encountered recently, I would recommend following the below FAQ thread in case these crashes are related to the latest windows update.
  16. Hi @CanaDave, This is an issue with Fit/Shrink to printable settings not taking printer margins into account, this is currently logged with the developers for resolution. I've added your report for consideration.
  17. Hi @mrs68tm, Could you advise which asset pack was downloaded which then resulted in your other assets going missing? Are you finding that it is only this specific asset pack is causing the other's to disappear? Are you on Windows or Mac? Any further detail/screenshots would be beneficial in us assisting further 🙂
  18. You could try changing the fill mode of the Curves layer after performing the add by going to Layer > Fill Mode > Alternate (Even - Odd) if it isn't set to this already.
  19. Hi @Bliplirp, Is it possible that 'Protect Alpha' is ticked along the context toolbar with the Brush tool selected? If the mask layer is set to above all layers and this setting is enabled this will prevent the image from being masked to reveal the alpha areas. The erase brush tool doesn't have this setting which may serve as an explaination to why that continues to work on the mask layer. Additionally, having certain blend modes set along the context toolbar can also cause the image to no longer mask, it's best to ensure this is set to 'Normal' as well as having Protect Alpha unticked. If it's not the above, it would be beneficial if you could provide us with a screen recording/images demonstrating when the masking begins to stop functioning.
  20. Hi @Mexie7, It would be beneficial if you could provide screenshots of you print menu settings, and any details on the printer you're using as well as an image showing the printed result. Does printing your file from outside the app (such as in Apple Photos) also cause this offset? Is this a file specific issue?
  21. Hi @Fatts_Henry welcome to the forums, Currently, there isn't an in-app setting that will allow you to adjust UI scaling, this is something that has been requested previously, I've linked a feature request thread below if you wish to voice your support.
  22. Yes, this will affect the final exported slice's W/H and also resample the image based on the currently selected Export preset 🙂
  23. Hi @GeirSol, You can specify the exported dimensions of your slice by entering in your own values within the slice panel. For example, entering 1000w, 1000h and exporting the slice will result in the exported image being 1000x1000. See DanC's video in the thread below for an example of this.
  24. Hi @DerKevKro and @thomaso, Thanks for providing details, I've confirmed we have this issue with passthrough currently logged with the developers, i've added the additional details included here to the report. 🙂
  25. Hi @Tar, It's possible that you have 'Force Pressure to control size' enabled along the context toolbar that's causing this, when used in combination with a mouse and shift this appears to cause this size jitter on brushes, disable this setting and try again.
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