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  1. Hi @mogsie, If you could confirm if the issue you're experiencing can be replicated in the latest release (2.2.1) or if it is the same issue described in the thread Loukash has linked above which appears to be 2.3 beta specific that would be great. πŸ™‚ Many thanks
  2. Hi @Milo_D, Do you have any dedicated antivirus apps installed, and if so have you checked if it has an active firewall which is potentially blocking local network traffic/Preventing the app from communicating? If so it may be worth just temporarily disabling it to confirm if this then allows the app to start to confirm it that is the cause. If you don't have an antivirus firewall/there was no change, could you try uninstalling the MSIX version of the app(s) and use the alternative .MSI (AKA .EXE) installer for the app to see if this version of the app functions? How to download MSI:
  3. Thanks for the additional info in your earlier post, when you've got time do you mind sending over the recording with the comparison between the drawing modes? Also, could you confirm if Windows Ink mode is working better than the others, but the pen keys/right click on the pen stops working as a result of this mode? --- Hi @irokiee, thanks for letting me know and linking your separate thread, I'll discuss this with my colleague internally and see if we can get this replicated with any potential workarounds/solutions. Many thanks
  4. Hi @HLS, I do believe that your problem is the same, I've inspected your original PDF provided and it has the 'sRGB2014' profile assigned in the object/image output rather than the expected sRGB, so when viewed in certain PDF viewers the colour banding/poor quality is evident on the gradient. I'll add your report to the existing issue logged.
  5. To confirm, it is also the CTRL key that needs to be held down on MacOS while launching the app to get the 'Clear user Data' menu to prompt, at which point you can immediately press 'Clear' as one of the defaults will reset window states and studio panel positions. If the above works, if you could confirm if you're using external/multiple monitors that would be great, as there is a known issue with external monitors in V2.2.X.
  6. Welcome to the forums @BP101782, If you're on V1.10.6 and have only opened the file in this version I'm not sure how this can trigger the 'Contains features from a later version' prompt as this implies that the file in question has at one point been opened in V2.X, as V1.10.6 is the highest possible version currently for V1. Corrupted files sometimes can display misleading messages when the files are opened (such as file type not supported) but if your file was corrupted I wouldn't have expected it to open in V2. Just looking at your comparison screenshots, are you certain that this file was at no point saved in V2, if not by you another person? The colours are different (Possibly due to a colour profile change as Gnobelix mentioned, but also could just be the fact that the file has been updated) but also the content and text all appears to also have been changed on the page.
  7. Hi @Siusango, Regarding uninstalling V1, if you go to Windows Settings > Installed apps/Apps & Features you can uninstall V1 from here. If you right click on an image file > Properties you can change the default 'Opens with' program on the 'General' tab to the V2 apps, this will then default all files which share that file extension to use your desired app. Regarding your second problem, I'm having a difficult time fully understanding what the text issue is from your screenshot as the text on the image doesn't appear to be translating to English very well for me. Could you provide a little more information on the problem, and perhaps also provide a sample file .afpub where your issue is present so we can look into this further? If it's easier, feel free to write back in your native language rather than using Google translate. πŸ™‚
  8. Thanks for the files @GeirSol, If you take a look at the 'S03 20 Adiranes vei...' PDF file which is used as a placed passthrough resource on Page 89, the text passage on page 1 has a white rectangle object layered behind it, so it's essentially a white rectangle layered on top of the default white PDF background which is likely being highlighted in the PDF reader. In Acrobat, if I set the page display to a transparency grid this immediately becomes evident that it's there (see below screenshot from Acrobat). It's a Similar case with Page 85, although the white rectangle here is actually an sRGB image instead of a curve object, this is on the 'S03 18 Jordens...' PDF file, page 5. Just to be on the safe side, I would suggest editing/re-exporting the existing PDF files with the rectangle and image removed to avoid any issues them becoming visible on a printed version of the doc.
  9. Hi @GaMeOveR, I believe this is happening because the 2.2.0/1 affinity apps are forcing the exported ICC profile (sRGB 2.1) to use the newer 'sRGB2014' profile over the expected sRGB 2.1 profile selected in the app when exporting to PDF. Evidently Chrome's PDF viewer may have some incompatibilities with this particular profile which causes the colour banding/perceived quality issue, while colour managed apps such as Acrobat reader don't have this problem. This may be because something changed with regards to our PDFLib version in 2.2.0 but I'm not sure as it stands, if I select 'SRGB IEC61966-2.1' as my intent/output profile for PDF I would expect this profile used on exported PDF file rather than 'sRGB2014', so I'll get this logged with the developers. As it stands it only appears to affect PDF files using the standard sRGB 2.1 profile, exporting to raster formats such as PNG retain the sRGB 2.1 profile.
  10. Hi @GaMeOveR, What PDF reader are you comparing the PDF files in? If you're just comparing them in the browser that might be the issue due to a lack of colour management. I've opened your attached PDF files in Acrobat, and all the PDF files (including the lighten one) are essentially identical in terms of quality. I've attached a screenshot below comparing the 2.2.1 and 2.1.1 PDF files you've attached. I've not shown the lighten one but it's the same again. This is also the same if the PDF files are imported back into Publisher.
  11. Hi @the guy with a techproblem, I can see you've also contacted us regarding this over Facebook Messenger which we've since replied to. To avoid any confusion and cross-posting between support channels we'll continue to support you over Facebook messenger regarding your file, it looks like we're currently pending a response from you over there.
  12. Hi @Demys, I'm also seeing this visual issue when loading a second EXR/switching between the document tabs, I've now logged this issue with the developers.
  13. Hi @GeirSol, Could you also provide us with the PDF document exported from Publisher, along with the original .afpub document? If you don't wish to share them publicly I've included a private upload link below. https://www.dropbox.com/request/Z73XWbRk4vfQXywmM8Rf Many thanks
  14. Hi @cajhin, I've now replicated and logged this issue with the developers, many thanks for the detailed steps.
  15. Hi @Mr. Doodlezz, Glad to hear that's working for you now. I do think much of the confusion is caused by the iPad's lack of the 'Wet Edges' toggle along the context toolbar for the Eraser Brush as this isn't the first time this has come up. For comparison 'Wet Edges' is configurable via the context toolbar on desktop's Eraser brush so i'm not sure why it was omitted on iPad. Therefore i've gone ahead and logged this internally for it to be added on iPad so hopefully it will be considered.
  16. Welcome to the forums @Matchias, You can revert to a previous version of the app from the links below under 'previous versions', just be sure to uninstall your current app version first. https://store.serif.com/en-gb/update/windows/photo/2/ https://store.serif.com/en-gb/update/windows/designer/2/ https://store.serif.com/en-gb/update/windows/publisher/2/ Before doing I would just suggest doing a standard removal and re-install of the 2.2.1 app, and following that do a basic app reset by following the below: Close All affinity apps Hold down CTRL and launch one of the apps whilst still holding CTRL A 'Clear user data' menu will appear with three boxes ticked, in addition tick 'Disable Hardware Acceleration' Press 'Clear' and the app will now launch, if this works repeat for the other two apps (if applicable).
  17. Welcome to the forums @the guy with a techproblem, Could you possibly send me a copy of the document you're having this issue with? If you do not wish to share the file publicly i've included a private upload link below. https://www.dropbox.com/request/k4HxeUKgrYO711ZGJOjx Many thanks
  18. Welcome to the forums @tangram, After updating my lens profiles folder with the latest XML's from The Lensfun github page I can confirm that the RF 24mm F1.8 MACRO IS STM lens profile has since been added and is available for manual selection in the lens correction tab (Not on Sonoma due currently to the lens profile outstanding bug). However, I can see that the assistant auto correct option is incorrectly setting the Tokina lens profile as you've described so I've now logged this with the developers. Edit: The Sonoma lens manual correction bug has been fixed in the 2.3 beta (AF-513) if you want to try downloading the beta so you're able to then select the correct profile again, just be sure to re-import the latest XML files from LensFun into the Beta version's lens profiles folder.
  19. Hi @walt.farrell, I've now replicated this and logged it with the developers, many thanks! This appears to affect facing and non facing page documents, any page >1 does not recognise the expression.
  20. Hi @jubarbie, Thanks for following up with the additional info and screenshots, when I swapped over to using a Macbook trackpad the issue immediately became more prominent with it's sensitivity fairly consistently swapping between the cursor transform modes when clicking. I've now logged this with the developers.
  21. Hi @jubarbie, We've not been able to replicate this thus far, clicking using either a standard USB or Apple Magic Mouse doesn't appear to have any affect when hovering the cursor over the skew area of the transform handle. Could you advise what mouse model you're using, your MacOS version and what your mouse options are set to in System Preferences? Many thanks
  22. Hi @Hangman, The Text > Notes > Insert options only work off the Document-Wide formatting options set in the Notes panel while throughout recording you're using the 'Custom' setting for locally formatted notes. For comparison, the below recording demonstrates the menu insert option working after configuring the document wide footnote settings and the inserted notes correctly inheriting these settings. Screen Recording 2023-10-24 at 10.11.08.mp4 It could be argued that the Note insertion option from the text menu should be context sensitive to what's currently set in the panel, but at that point I think it would be feedback.
  23. Hi @JIGSr, Happy to hear that following the directory move it's now working as expected. If you don't mind providing the files to my Dropbox link still that would be great, as I can then confirm if the crashing problems can be replicated on my side when using iCloud synced folders. The files will only be used for the purpose of testing. Thanks!
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