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  1. I encountered a quite annoying UI bug in both Designer and Photo when using Live Perspective filter + artboards. It seems that render glitches appear on the canvas pretty randomly, in addition to a "border stretch" effect of what's displayed on the border of the artboard. The "border stretch" glitch can be somewhat workaround by reducing the size of the artboard content as to add some padding to the artboard. However the other glitches remain. Moreover, the glitches "update" on each canvas resize/zoom as you may see on the different screenshots attached. I am also attaching two files that show the issue. While these are .afdesign files, sending them over to Photos actually leads to the same glitches. These are using artboards, Live Perspective filter and symbols. Versions: - Designer 1.10.4 - Photo 1.10.4 - macOS 12.2.1 FYI, I tried disabling GPU acceleration, changing display rendering from metal to CPU, and any possible combination of both without success. Hope this can get fixed sometime! Mockup.afdesign Mockup.afdesign
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