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  1. Rather ironically, you cannot use autotrace to make exact renderings of pixel images (computer cannot calculate exact output!!!). It can though do fairly good approximations. These can be used as stylistic effects, or with some material they can look pretty close to handmade. Autotrace is next to useless when you need exact paths, like in logos.
  2. AP can rasterize only one layer at the time so when you select all it rasterizes only the topmost one. You can though rasterize all layers to single pixel layer by Document>Flatten.
  3. Copy-paste works fine, you have to copy attributes from a text frame by copying the whole object. It does not seem to work if you try to do it with text tool active. If there are several stylings in that text frame I guess the first attributes are copied, i.e. what first word has. Pasting can be done to to single words or any length of active text. Old skool way would just be to use text styles all the way.
  4. Yes, all of them, open, place and drag&drop work. Either the file is damaged or there is problem with file permissions in Finder.
  5. Of course if you vectorize art, background is selectable and can be made transparent. I have also used VM some and is very good. I just think there are cheaper alternatives also for PC.
  6. We really aren't. That would though be a smart thing to do – I would do it like that.
  7. Yes, we mostly do not want CAD features, we want technical illustration features. Some of those are overlapping, admittedly.
  8. jos musta on 140% niin soveltuva paperi on luokaa vessapaperi eli hyvin huokoista ja väriä imevää. Päällystetylle paperille on normaalisti tuolla 300+ prosenttia.
  9. Vectorizing software can do it. Attached is a few examples, one done with Vectorize! and two with SuperVectorize 2 (one in skeleton mode i.e. lines are simple paths, not areas). Priest cackle_SV2skel.pdf Priest cackle_SV2norm.pdf Priesc_vec.pdf
  10. I would not do such amount with AP. Lightroom, Capture 1 etc are better and faster choices.
  11. Regardless, new intel-mac is not a good investment now. M1 models are so much more bang for the buck that there simply is no reason to pay same price for intel based mac.
  12. I makes no sense to buy a new intel based iMac now. Wait for M1-model, or if in a hurry or need to save cash, buy a used iMac.
  13. Sure can do. Just be aware how content is printed and read. If many readers read it as PDF spread view is not probably in use and most don't bother to set it.
  14. It work, but earlier there was some confusion about how it works. Apparently earlier versions did not necessarily add 300 dpi tag to exported file. You probably know you can choose if image resamples or not when setting image size?
  15. You have to set dpi to 300 before export. In AP: Document > Resize Document..., in AD: File > Document Setup.
  16. That is a pixel image. I think EPS format does not support transparency in pixel images. You could add a clipping path I suppose, but those are not very simple things in Affinity either.
  17. I was also surprised when I placed a PDF with restrictions to Designer. Behaved normally but when I tried to copy or export stuff – no go. I think it would make sense if Designer would warn when opening that PDF has restrictions and thus is not really usable.
  18. Maybe if you can share the Designer document we can check if there is anything shady in it.
  19. possibly editable is the operative word? I do not know what it is.
  20. Extra preflight app is needed for checking PDF quality after export – which Publisher of course does not do. Main culprit may be 100K vs. rich black, which is something that takes practice with Affinity export settings.
  21. I can recommend Zevrix as a company as I use their LinkOptimizer InDesign addon. Good functionality and quick support (thank you, Leo Revzin!). I would like to hear though opinions about Checkpoint as I have not used it and there are not many alternatives for Acrobat for prepress preflight. Zevrix has 50% sale one or two times a year and it is generally easy to find -20% coupon at any time. It is possible to create cover design with AP but AP cannot add cropmarks which may be a problem. Publisher is the right tool for it anyway, and it is not a very complicated thing. Spine and flaps
  22. Clip/unclip is quite weird in AP. Basically it is some kind of trimming function.
  23. Is it really an issue? TIFF LZW compression is generally very compatible with all applications.
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