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  1. That is what I had to do! Deactivate and then reactivate the font. I had CC open so maybe that helped. Now I see the fonts in Designer (and MS Word). Thanks guys!
  2. Never mind. I think I remember trying to do this a while ago and I think the answer was that activated Adobe fonts can only be used in Creative Cloud apps. But, they are not even showing up in the CC software interface. I will try and find a similar font that I can install on my computer and use.
  3. Hi, I activated the Vectora fonts from the Adobe website, but I do not see them in Affinity Designer. Is this possible? Thanks
  4. $10? What the heck! It sure is worth a try, Any way, it seems fun to me! Now I have to practice my writing a little bit, especially in their grid. Thanks. I am also going to try calligraphr.com and the other suggestions here. Thanks so much! If things turn out acceptable, I may post a sample image here.
  5. It was something I read in the docs for some brushes and styles for Designer and Photo. I will try and find what he wrote. I just tried adding the base AD styles to a font and they looked fine. Not sure what I am remembering. Thanks Walt!
  6. Thank you. I forgot about that but I did remember that adding effects to text does not work well. I am so glad that Affinity-Serif keeps making improvements to their incredible suite!
  7. Thanks everyone! Good stuff. Maybe if it turns out, I will post an alphabet 🙂 I do have some add-ons by Ian Barnard but it wouldn't be my handwriting. I would also like to do something simple with black (or colored) letters with a shadow of some sort. That is what made me think of using my own handwriting. I taught myself architectural lettering like architect's daughter but in the process I discovered that the writing really isn't that neat and orderly after all hehe. I don't like the bars in an A and others extending past the rest of the letter, ...
  8. Hi! Just thought of this. Don't ask me why 🙂 I have a Wacom tablet and a color scanner. I guess they would be brushes? Or fonts I guess would be the right answer. How could I make them good enough so I can use them legibly in something? Thank!
  9. How about that! I do have Affinity Photo. To steal your line: "Due to the fact that Joe Biden is now our President, the lack of a pulse or brain waves will never be worried about ever again."
  10. How would I insert content into the picture page? Can I duplicate that picture frame then? How do I make sure that they all are the same size? Thanks!
  11. Thank you Bruce. Good suggestion as I want to use Publisher any way. Didn't think of using a Picture Frame instead of Place.
  12. Thank you Alfred. Both width and height, right? If so, I might as well type them in.
  13. Hi, Without having to painstakingly type in the dimensions in the transform panel for each object? What if I wanted to have alphabetical letters, say B-Z, be the same size as "A"? Just an exaggeration, but not by much! I am using Place to line up rope letters (that I bought) one after another. They came in .png format. -pw
  14. Hi Walt, This is why I asked a stupid question and asking if I had to use the view menu to rotate the image over and over again: Geesh, can't I just post a link and not the video?
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