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  1. okay. thanks. I haven't figured how to browse files on the iPad yet.
  2. Oh, you know what? I have various jpg and png files that came with some packs that I bought (like Ian Barnard ChalkDust blackboard jpgs). How do I get things like that on my iPad from DropBox? Where do I put them? How do I save them on it?
  3. Worked great DM1!!!!!!!!! I saved it to DropBox. Next I will see if I can save it to the iPad and try and find it. I don't think Windows can read the whole iPad via USB. Oh well, this is working out just fine! Thanks!! I used the Apple Pencil and Designer to create my signature. So much easier than trying to do the same thing on the desktop with my Wacom One tablet!
  4. Hi, I would like to get what I did on the iPad with Designer, Photo, Publisher to my PC using Dropbox or a USB cable or whatever. I hooked the iPad up via a USB cable and all I see are DCIM folders with photos in them. I assume those are the ones that somehow got to Apple Photo on the web using my old iPhone (which I no longer have). Is there someway I can access the Affinity files and put them in DropBox using the iPad?
  5. Now I can't remember how or if I actually downloaded anything from withing Designer or Photo! Import brushes doesn't do it. Hmm..... Maybe I did it from my account purchases
  6. Hi, I cannot figure out how to get all the apps back to their initial pages. I am stuck on ""No Recents: Recently opened documents will appear here" So I can no longer use these programs! All I can do is swipe up and exit them. They were working! I think all I did was to go to brushes and select "import brushes" Now they don't work. I was just trying to find it AD or APhoto would locate the downloads I tried to download and install within them as I cannot find the download folder on my iPad. Now they are locked up.
  7. Hi I went into Photo 2 and Designer 2 and downloaded some add-ons from the Affinity store. They said "installing" but do not appear in the apps. I think I read there is a download folder on the iPad? I can't find it. Any ideas? Thanks!
  8. Okay - Hope everything works out. Just ordered an 11- inch 512GB Pro ( M2 chip I think and hope - it said new iPad version on Apple's website) to use all three V2 apps on it. I didn't get the larger display because it is not my only way to use Affinity apps. I rely on my Win10 desktop for that but this will come in handy for drawing and if I have to travel. My Kindle Fire is 10 inches and that seems plenty big. I did not order the Apple Pencil. May end up doing so but maybe not. Can't wait! I wonder if any of the brushes and other things I have purchased for Affinity Designer, etc.. will work on this iPad. Hope so! Thanks!
  9. Thanks again Walt! Good answer. Do you know if I can get files off of the iPad and onto my PC?
  10. Hi, If I buy an iPad Pro (probably the 256GB version as suggested to me here), and create something in Designer, Photo, Publisher, can I continue working on them with my PC versions? Of course, if I can determine how to get the .af* files off of the iPad on onto my Win10 PC. Thanks!
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