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  1. Hi Walt, Just an update. 25 seconds to load Designer V2 now with a new system and the exe/msi versions. Better that what it was, for sure, but it still struggles on the "loading fonts" part.
  2. It is all the V2 desktop and msi links on this page that don't work: https://store.serif.com/en-us/account/licences/l9bk6h3hnxp3r/
  3. Hi, I have to install all three V2 on a new PC. I would also like the EXE files for them all. The download page for all says "site cannot be reached" -paul williamson -livingston, mt USA
  4. Can't find them any where. I also Googled and found nothing to do with styles besides one result for text styles. Hmmm
  5. No, not from my iPad Walt. From my iPad Affinity Designer V2: I think I know what I am doing wrong now! Thanks for the exercise. I selected the text style icon on the right. No wonder it cannot import anything. I need to find the styles shortcut. On the desktop, it is a tab next to brushes. I cannot find it on the iPad version. -fp
  6. Attached is the look I am looking for. I am going to draw a rope using a rope brush and add stitches but would like to make it look like this is kinda like a throw pillow. -fp
  7. Hi, Especially Style files. I know I was successful importing files from DropBox before but now I can't. What am I spacing out about?
  8. Okay! I think those should work. I have only tried the warp tool once and never liquefy. Thanks!
  9. Hi, What I want to do hasn't been done yet. I want to make it look like a pillow in certain sections. Raised.
  10. Hi, For instance, attached is an example file for Artifex Forge Patchworks brushes. How would I raise a portion inside the stitches like the body of the rabbit, head, body of the bee, etc... Jeremy's example file is in AD V1 format but I have both V1 and V2. Spring-Rabbit-Example File.afdesign
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