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  1. Hello. I am not sure if this is the correct forum to use and expect to be transferred to another. I am getting more used to Affinity Photo now and find that the lack of having an ability to organise and view and tag images is discouraging. I have waited a few years to see if the company were going to do something about this. At the present it seems that the only alternative is to go down the 'free Adobe Bridge' route; nothing in life is ever free. It took me long enough to untangle myself from the Adobe company and really do not want to get involved with them again. I would be happy to pay for an image cataloguing package but know little to nothing about alternatives to Adobe - recommendations please.
  2. Thanks again to all for the input. I will eventually get there. Jacqueline.
  3. Hello again. Just a reminder that I am brand new to the Apple systems and it is taking some time to get used to them. I did (by luck than good management) move the software to the Applications section. When I clicked the icon in that Application section it opened up the software. What I am not used to is the way Apple arranges the top bar - when Affinity is open it looks just like the Safari bar - it was only when I saw the Affinity Photo name in the corner that I realised I was in the software. I am beginning to learn the system better. I hope I have it correct this time - once again thank you to all for their support. Jacqueline.
  4. Hello to all and an apology for not getting back as quickly as I should have. I am actively using the software but every time I click the Affinity Photo icon it takes me to the message that Old Bruce has described. I did purchase the Mac license from Serif/Affinity directly. I am beginning to understand it a little better. Initially there was a window that came up with the Affinity icon and an arrow suggesting I 'take it over' to the Application. I'm not getting that option now - or at least I think I am not! I will use the option don't show me this message again and see if that helps. I'll go out go Affinity and come back in and choose the option to go to the disk image option - Yes? Once again thank you all.
  5. Hello. I start with an apology. I have tried looking at some on line help before posting this question but cannot find what I am looking for. I am brand new to Apple Mac and I am trying to understand it all. I have an iMac and purchased the Affinty Photo version for Mac. I had always used the Windows version and had no problems understanding it. Now when I try to come into Affinity it seems to download from an app and then asks me a question about disc image. I am trying to understand what I do not understand if that makes sense. I have the Affinty icon on the tool bar at the base of my desktop. Have I perhaps set the software to download by default from a cloud based app (it may have been the option the app choose when I purchased it)? I thought I could download the software to my Apple iMac and it would sit on my iMac hard disc - again it is obvious that I am trying to understand Apple systems ( I have delayed the option to take part in Apple on line tutorials as I cannot get to grips with someone talking to me on line while wearing a face mask). To summerise - can I download the Affinty for Mac software onto the desktop? Thank you - Jacqueline.
  6. i - thanks for the reply - so basically just download it and Affinity will pick it up? Jacqueline.
  7. Hello. A member of staff at work has asked for some of my images to be printed. He is using a local printing firm. I would like to download their ICC for Gloss paper. Can you advise where this download will go so that it is picked up by Affinity. Any help with how to do this also please. Jacqueline
  8. Hello Walt. I went with the first option and that looks like what I am used to seeing. Thank you. Jacqueline
  9. Hello again. Question number two for this evening. I have used a pixel layer to an effect of mist forming from the ground up onto a background layer of a photograph I have taken. I'm happy enough with the image. I am used to the Flatten Layer and Merge Visible in Adobe but am confused with Serif's format. I have looked at two online videos and have the Affinity Photo Work Book in front of me at page 284 - the only reference in the index for merging layers. When I have gone to the layers section there is only a merge visible. When I chose that option I seem to acquire another layer underneath the background. What am I doing wrong and what am I not understanding - is it something to do with the layer of 'mist' being created as a gradient/pixel layer? I want to save the file and export it to social media. Jacqueline
  10. Hello. I hope I am making sense! I am an infrequent user of Affinity but have come back in today to try and use it. I am in the Affinity Develop Persona and find that I have inadvertently adjusted the panels at the top so that it will not show me several panels at once - so if I am working on the basics panel and want to check my histogram I have to choose that panel from the tab and then go back to the basics panel. I seem to have 'bunched' all of the panels together. I have tried looking in the view option but am confusing myself. When I click the Develop option it takes me back to the main section where the windows are separate and I can see them. Basically it looks as if I have altered something on my view panels that I cannot undo at present. Jacqueline.
  11. Hello. I am brand new to Affinity Photo and despite being used to the principle of layers cannot find a way to make the 'inpainting' tool active on my pixel image. The blemish tool is active but if I try to use the Inpaint brush it is not doing anything on the layer. I think my workflow - or understanding of how it works is at fault here. I did try to do as the instructing videos say but have no joy so far. I use Windows 8.1 and a desktop PC. Jacqueline.
  12. Hello Alfred. Thank you for your response. I will pose my question on the Question section then. J.
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