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  1. Alasdair Gillespie

    Alasdair Gillespie

    When cropping, the 'straighten tool' takes too long to appear on the photograph you want to straighten! Sometimes it fails to appear. Most annoying! MacBook Pro 10.14.3
  2. Alasdair Gillespie

    Cataloguing and storage of files

    Thanks stokerg, I'll check out the DAM...and the best DAM prices! (seemingly exceedingly high). Well, have checked out a few of thee DAM companies, my budget range is significantly lower than their monthly average fee ($2450) per month. Unless I'm missing something, I don't think DAM's are for the average photographer.
  3. New to Affinity and a former Aperture user who was familiar and happy with its storage and cataloguing. Any suggestions as to how to handle this would be appreciated. Affinity's features are impressive and I know it will take some time to master.