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    GentleGiantEd got a reaction from melior64 in MBG Badges or 100% Satisfaction Badges   
    oh wow! This is Awesome! I will use it for Sure. Sure appreciate it melior64! This rocks
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    GentleGiantEd got a reaction from Dan C in LETTER SPACING IN DESIGNER   
    that worked thanks
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    GentleGiantEd got a reaction from firstdefence in Signature with pict under it   
    Thanks guys I will circle back to this in the next few days I hope. Under some pressure to get some client work done. Sure appreciate your assistance.
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    GentleGiantEd got a reaction from ronnyb in Arrow Brush   
    I don't have assets as an option.
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    GentleGiantEd reacted to MEB in Creating Arrows   
    Hi edferrigan,
    This (built-in arrows) is already on Affinity Designer's roadmap.
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    GentleGiantEd reacted to My Strawberry Monkey in Creating Arrows   
    You could use the donut shape tool and adjust the start/end angle and add a triangle as the arrowhead.
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    GentleGiantEd reacted to GentleGiantEd in Drawing Wide Arrows Following a Circle   
    I have a regular need to create visual processes. Right now the one Im working on has topics around like an  imaginary circle. I'd like to have wide arrows following the circle to show the flow of steps to follow. What is the best way to create these arrows?
    A tutorial would be ideal.
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    GentleGiantEd reacted to rdksl in Large space showing up on Export   
    Hi @edferrigan,
    the problem is within the Ai file.
    There is some kind of nonsense shape placed where your top image boundaries ends.
    You can't see it in APhoto, because it sets the document size to the artboard size in Ai file.
    However, opened in ADesigner you can clearly see the object (see the attachment).
    Should be fine if you just delete it from the layers panel :)

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    GentleGiantEd reacted to Rik in Skew (Perspective)   
    Is there a tool that allow a shape or text to be skewed?
    As shown in the attached image.

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    GentleGiantEd got a reaction from peterbak in LEGACY: Official Affinity Photo (Desktop) Video Tutorials   
    More beginner on editing basics would be really appreciated. Love your software.

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