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  1. this is using - Affinity Publisher Problem solved
  2. yes, thats what I did thanks
  3. i think I got it. I found the text frame panel and I see now that I can convert a rectangle to a text frame panel. Thanks
  4. hmmm not seeing how to turn on the outer frame of a text box to make my box
  5. Het Walt, so are you saying make the box within the text frame? Let me go test that. Thanks sure appreciate it
  6. I have a PDF eBook I'm creating. I want some side boxes with text and maybe an image throughout the doc. What is the best way to produce this? Currently, I created an inline box and got the text over the top but I can't see how to connect them together so they stay together. When I select them both the "Group" feature doesn't activate. Is there a better way to accomplish this? Thanks
  7. Ans: Highlight area Select Frame Text Ruler Create tab stop in the direction of choice Control click over the tab stop Pick leader type
  8. I have imported some tabs from Apple Notes that were using the line feature. Basically it looks like lines people can write on. After import, the lines disappeared. What is the best way to achieve the same effect? I want to create a space people can write some notes in a guide Im creating. Thank you
  9. I have my text now on my page and I want to drag in some Picture Frames but they won't drag over. Im going back through the videos but if someone has a quick way to troubleshoot I'd appreciate it. Thanks
  10. ok I think I got this worked out finally.
  11. Here is a video showing what I'm not understanding. I've been watching all your tutorials but somehow I have missed these settings. https://share.getcloudapp.com/4gu7ljZG
  12. oh wow! This is Awesome! I will use it for Sure. Sure appreciate it melior64! This rocks
  13. Looking if anyone knows of any Free Money Back Guarantee or Satisfaction badges designed in Affinity Designer I can adapt to my need? Thanks
  14. I would love some tutorials on: How to spice up a simple screen shot or picture of my lead magnet. For example: skew it, add a shadow, maybe perspective reflection below it, angle it. Im constantly needing to do this for various Lead Magnets I use in my online marketing.
  15. GentleGiantEd


    I meant if it was at 0. That is what happened to me. I had no idea this had to be set.

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