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  1. I would love some tutorials on: How to spice up a simple screen shot or picture of my lead magnet. For example: skew it, add a shadow, maybe perspective reflection below it, angle it. Im constantly needing to do this for various Lead Magnets I use in my online marketing.
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    I meant if it was at 0. That is what happened to me. I had no idea this had to be set.
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    Maybe as a user like me drags the lever the Maximum Letter Spacing automatically moves if its not already set to a higher number.
  4. ok will try larger size. Thanks
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    Its called Helvetica Neue. Its been on my machine for so long I don't remember where it came from. just tested it does the same thing with regular helvetica that come installed.
  6. Getting back to this. Yes I had the dimensions wrong. Its actually 400 x 100 or 200 as suggested. So what Im not understanding is the best way to set the original? Do I create a large file say 1200 x 400 place my images and text, then export as a png file then shrink in the app? I've always heard in wordpress it's best to import images at the size you want them so it doesn't slow down load times. Ive always had a hard time understanding how to get smaller images to look clear. Appreciate this discussion.
  7. Here is a video of what Im trying to do. I appreciate input as to what Im doing wrong. thank you Ed
  8. Thanks guys I will circle back to this in the next few days I hope. Under some pressure to get some client work done. Sure appreciate your assistance. Ed
  9. So is it best to create the overall image at hi res then in the application where I use it shrink it down? For example, in this case I want my final to be at 100 x 400. Do I create it much larger then scale on the webpage or am I thinking this wrong? My original headshot images are very large. What is the best way to shrink them then use in my signature goal?
  10. here was my first attempt. Signatures.afdesign
  11. Need help understanding how to best proceed. Using Affinity Photo. Have an image that is 600 x 600 px at 72 dpi. What is the best way to shrink so it shows up clear to see when I place it on a web page? What I did was to write the signature with a font that looks like script then import the persons image (with a circular mask around it that I saved as a png file out of Affinity Photo) and place it below the signature. Problem is its really blurry when I try and use on a webpage. Can someone enlighten me as to what I am missing or best way to go about this? Thanks
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    Creating Arrows

    Sooner the better. Been using this a while and seems I need it a lot in the internet marketing world and in drawing diagrams for business curriculum.
  13. What is the best way to create an arc arrow in AD? I used the brush tool one of the forum participants posted but they take forever to make them smooth and perfectly rounded. They never look clean. Would love this option built in and easy...
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    Arrow Brush

    I don't have assets as an option.