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  1. Gordon432

    Introduce Yourself

    Hi NylaRose. Welcome to the forum
  2. Gordon432

    Quick Symbols from PagePlus X9

    Thanks for sharing Michael. Namaste.
  3. Gordon432

    Introduce Yourself

    Hello Alan, Warm welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear of our health difficulties and their affect on your memory. Hope you manage to reverse - or at least reduce - the disabling impact of those strokes. Have substantial memory problems myself due to environmental illness (chemical injury) and its consequent damage to the blood/brain barrier. So I can resonate with you on that score. Hmm. Lost my thread there... what was I saying again? Onwards and upwards.. Namaste.
  4. Gordon432

    Real Marble Textures Collection

    They look great. Thank you very much for sharing them free. Namaste.
  5. Gordon432

    FLOWER POWER Brushes

    Danke! Much appreciated. Namaste.
  6. Gordon432

    Social Media Icon Asset

    Thank you graphicbreeze! Namaste.
  7. Gordon432

    Introduce Yourself

    Hey Mark! Thank you for introducing yourself. Sharing your skills when you can will, I am sure, be much appreciated by our forum members.
  8. Gordon432

    Introduce Yourself

    Welcome Donuk. It's good to have both your and your talents join the forum Thank you for introducing yourself.
  9. Gordon432

    Introduce Yourself

    @Styl @ wowshoots @ mpowell Thank you for introducing yourself. A warm welcome to each of you.
  10. Gordon432

    Website Dedicated to Affinity Resources Tutes and More

    Thanks @ LyricsGirl. Looks like a very useful resource.
  11. Gordon432

    Social Media Banner Ad Size Artboards

    Very helpful. Much appreciated. Thank you!
  12. Gordon432

    Metallic Gradients - Affinity Pallet

    Thank you @BDL. Much appreciated. Namaste.
  13. Gordon432

    Introduce Yourself

    Hi Tomasz. Welcome to the tribe
  14. Gordon432

    Introduce Yourself

    Thank you affinity2darkness for your welcome - and your good-luck wishes for my forthcoming podcast. Both much appreciated. Onwards and hopefully upwards
  15. Gordon432

    Introduce Yourself

    Hello Everyone! New to Affinty. Do have some experience of other similar / related sotwares though; like Gimp and the old downloadable Photoshop (and a wee handful of others) so expecting my learning curve with Affinity to be relatively silky and smoothe Only have Publisher and Photo so far but I must say I am loving them My primary focus right now is getting my first podcast up and running and creating a cool website to support that. So, lots of podcast show and website graphics to create. At the moment there is not enough hours in the day for me (I'm convinced time REALLY is speeding up). However, I'll be happy to contribute here when able. And hope too to be able to pick the brains of the tallented here when I hit problems I can't seem to solve on my own. My experience with Affintiy so far is very limited but already I'm thinking that Adobe must have started to lose some sleep. If not now then surely soon. And with good reason. Keep up the outstanding work Dev Guys (and Gals). Gordon (from sunny Scotland).

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