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  1. affinity2darkness

    The Brush

    Thanks for the tip!!
  2. affinity2darkness

    The Brush

    If I change the visibility or size of the brush the brush preview and cursor will go's away. I have to click on a random part of the screen for it to return.
  3. affinity2darkness

    Introduce Yourself

    Welcome to the forum! Hope you enjoy your stay and good luck on your podcast!
  4. affinity2darkness

    New Profile Pic

    Thanks for the welcome I'm enjoying my stay LOL. I used Affinity Photo 1.7.1 for the avatar/Profile Pic & The latest beta for the cover/banner after finding out it was available. I love the software! in a short amount of time I feels as if Iv'e gotten better. I created those without watching any tutorials I just played around with everything and got the grasp of it. I'm no designer/artist I just wanted A program that would allow me to make my Facebook standout and this far exceeded my expectations. I Have recommended it to my friends. Thanks for all you guys hard work.
  5. Awesome work! can't wait to give this a try!
  6. affinity2darkness

    New Profile Pic

    Thanks for the help guys, I guess I'll have to wait a few days. (To complete my Avatar I made a Banner.)
  7. affinity2darkness

    Photos developed and optimized with AP

    absolutely gorgeous! and inspiring!
  8. affinity2darkness

    Milky Way in Affinity Photo

  9. affinity2darkness

    New Profile Pic

    No camera icon. I tried both in firefox & IE Edge, But no camera icon pops up. thanks for the help GarryP.
  10. affinity2darkness

    New Profile Pic

    Thanks John for taking the time to view and comment on my work I greatly appreciate it! I'll try to lighten it up. A4D.V3_Final
  11. affinity2darkness


    Thanks Chris B!
  12. affinity2darkness

    Introduce Yourself

    Reginald's the new kid on the block! LOL Hey guys! love the software I'll try to be helpful while here, but! warning I'm a NOOB to this designing stuff so please bear with me.
  13. affinity2darkness


    Latest update shows error when importing photoshop brushes. Downgraded back to old version solved problem.
  14. affinity2darkness

    New Profile Pic

    This is my first creation using this software. I know it's not much, But I'm proud of it LOL. V1 V2 A2D.V3_Final A2D.Profile_Cover Now how do I use this as my profile pic? lol I can't find the edit avatar in settings.

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