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  1. Hi GarryP! Sure I've tested those settings… and it doesn't work. But the problem I see it isn't only in Sequator, but in also in the other software similar to Sequator. Creating Tiffs from Adobe software, everything works well. For that reason I cannot understand why, (using raw file in Sequator doesn't work quite good, personally the best results achieved was with 16bit tiffs, due to a noise reduction that AP perform far far better than ACR et simila) Thanks for you help and time, I appreciate! G:
  2. Hi Callum! It was the first thing that I've done, but nope, no results. I've also downloaded XNConvert to resave the tiff files. No results. Resave them in GIMP too… same as above. Resaving in Photoshop resolve everything, but in that way it doesn't have sense, do you agree? (Beware, Sequator works on WIN, for Mac there is Starry Landscaper) Thanks for your time and help! G:
  3. Hi Affnity, Hi Forumers! I (ab)use Affinity Photo to edit my astrophoto, I find Affinity Photo a great piece of software! However I'm facing a problem that I can't solve: the tiff files out of AP don't work in any star stacking software. I tested Sequator, Starry landscaper, Deep sky star stacker, Iris and Siril. All report the message "unable to read files". Strange, because with jpgs everything flows. I wrote some line to the developers and that is the answer I had: "TIFF is not fully standardized. Although they are called TIFF, some formats or fields may be incompatible. Sequator uses the most popular TIFF library, but there may be still some proprietary fields the library can not recognize." Any hint, idea, suggestion you could provide? Thanks a lot for your help! G:
  4. Gianni_S

    Milky Way in Affinity Photo

    Thanks a lot!
  5. Hi all, Here the result of a long night chasing the last milky way for this year. It is a stack of 42 shots edited in Affinity photo with develop persona, plus other 2 for the foreground and the person (that's me!) shooting light to the universe. Sky has been stacked in sequator software, than the compositing has been done in AP, with all the fine tune required. 2 little problem found: - developing raw one by one it takes a long time; a method to apply raw settings to the entire group would be very usefull - TIFF exported from AP have something wrong. I faced several errors with them and I don't know why. It seems something well known… (using JPG everything went smooth, but I lost the 16 bit and you know, jpg… bah…) However, here the final result. Hope you like it. Have a great week end, see ya! G:
  6. Hi, I'm Gianni from Italy! in the last 7 months I'm gaining skill on Affinity Photo and I'm starting to introduce it in my workflow. Under certain aspects I have to tell that it has more power than the well known counterpart. The only things that i miss are: -apply the same settings to multiple raw files during development (it may sound a little bit odd, but it is useful in astrophotography with other software to stack photos to reduce noise. Develop profile aren't fast enough to do all the job done in a bunch of seconds - I speak to process an average of 40/60 pictures) - channel selection method. (the way you do it in AP is not so intuitive, may you could simplify it). Thanks a lot for the time you'll spend reading this. Have a peaceful day. G:

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