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    Hi, My name is Tomasz. I,m graphic designer and printer. I'm an owner of a small... large format printing workshop. I was using FreeHand many years ago and I loved it. In 1991 I started to use it on Macintosh. After several years I moved to Windows and FH was still alive. But some big company killed FH. I was compelled to change to Corel Draw. As a printer I got most of work created with CD from my customers. 3 years ago I started to subscribe Adobe CC. Two years ago I bought Serif AD and AP. Last year I broke my Adobe subscription. Now I'm happy. With these 3 applications I make all my designs, layouts etc. Thank you Serif:)
  2. I use Windows 10. I made all exactly as you described but it doesn't work in my case. I copied croatian and polish files. Everything is visible in Paragraph and Character panels, I,m able to change spelling, hyphenation... but it doesn't work at all. When spelling is on ( dosn't matter Croatian or Polish) it underlines all the words with red lines. Hyphenation is on and nothing happens.

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