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  1. large yes but no text flows at all . Every document I use is slow like this doesnt matter if it's a 4 pg or a 100 pg document. With or without text flow. Id really hate to have to become a hostage of adobe again but that may be my only option
  2. Oh wow a month....Have a handful of large files I foolishly saved as 1.8. Guess they are frozen till there's another update :(. I had to revert back to 1.7 so I could keep on working on the files I didn't save as 1.8 without jeopardizing them becoming corrupt.
  3. In adobe you can save as and save the file to be compatible with earlier versions of adobe. Is there anything similar in affinity? I have a file I've spent 100's of hours on and sadly saved it as a 1.8 before realizing the buggy mess 1.8 is as it constantly crashes and is sloooooooow. I can save the file as a PDF then reopen it in 1.7 but I lose all my groupings and a ton of setting etc that would take forever to reestablish. Anyone have any workarounds? I can't afford to wait months for this bug to get fixed.
  4. I get the same freeze. Even when adding pages or just moving pages
  5. Try this as it was the only thing that worked for me 1) reinstall 1.8 2) open a new file 3) with new file open try to open the file that keeps on crashing 4) if successful and it opens immediately save as a PDF 5) uninstall 1.8 and delete it from the registry 6) reinstall 1.7 7) open pdf in 1.7 8 )save as publisher file 9) stay away from 1.8 till this massive bug is addressed Hopefully this helps you get your file running
  6. I had to revert back as well. Crashing constantly. Just adding and moving pages would seize up the entire program for up to 2 min.
  7. I had to revert back to 1.7 as 1.8 was crashing constantly. Many occasions it wouldn't even open a file.
  8. anyone else have issues with publisher 1.8 crashing? I had to revert back to 1.7 just so I could keep working
  9. I have a similar issue with guides. As soon as I delete any layer all my guides get skewed My only option is to leave the layers
  10. Question for those who have bought the book: I have watched the lynda.com AD series, all of affinities videos and tons of other stuff on youtube in regards to this program. Not really sure if this book will say much more I haven't read or watched in regards to AD already. Would really suck if I dropped the cash for the book only to realize it just covers stuff I have already read or seen. Can anyone who has received this book confirm if it goes beyond the essential basics of AD or if it goes deeper? Question for Affinity: Once the windows beta version is complete and you begin selling the software do you guys plan on having any packages that include Affinity Designer, the UI kit and the workbook?
  11. I am finding I am able to port files from AD to AI no problem, until I start adding layer effects to the vector. Any layer effects I use in AD just don't jive in AI. I tried many variations of export options but nothing worked. (anyone have any luck finding an export option that works?) This alone is perfectly fine if all the client needs is a rasterized version or a PDF. I don't have to even touch AI. But if I want to design an object in AD to add to an old AI file, or the client needs the said project in an AI file format or I need to collaborate the file with an adobe user, this won't work. I am forced to design the object in AI. Thoughts?
  12. thx. I'll be adding more on here as I create them if I find them to be universally useful.
  13. Another asset compilation to share. If you have any similar you'd like to share I'd love to expand this. App Store Buttons.zip
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