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  1. thx that helped. Got it installed properly. Problem now is I can only open it from the start menu. If I go to where the actual program is installed the designer.exe has a lock icon on it and when I click on it I get a pop up saying "windows cannot access the specified device,path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access this item." So I can't add an icon to my task bar
  2. It is the only way I can get these programs to work. double clicking on the msix just asks me what I want to open it with
  3. So I have a solution to anyone else having issues with this weird .msix file. Honestly dunno why they decided to not make it a basic .exe Open the .msix file in any zip program (I used 7zip) Drag and drop all the files into a folder where you want it installed. Once that's done just open the .exe and sign in normally. Hope this helps others
  4. Came here to see if they can snap to grid. After some fooling around I found if I make a borderless shape with no fill in designer persona where I want it. then hop over to export persona, with the slice selection tool right click on the box you just made and click create slice
  5. A clients printer requires crop marks 1/8in. I made the bleed in the document .125in. When I go to export it to a PDF I see zero options to include crop marks. Posts on here from 2 years ago show the options under more in the export options. I have no such options. Do I need to reinstall a much older version of publisher to get this option. I have a few days to figure this out or I will be forced to become adobes slave again.
  6. Question for those who have bought the book: I have watched the lynda.com AD series, all of affinities videos and tons of other stuff on youtube in regards to this program. Not really sure if this book will say much more I haven't read or watched in regards to AD already. Would really suck if I dropped the cash for the book only to realize it just covers stuff I have already read or seen. Can anyone who has received this book confirm if it goes beyond the essential basics of AD or if it goes deeper? Question for Affinity: Once the windows beta version is complete and you begin selling the software do you guys plan on having any packages that include Affinity Designer, the UI kit and the workbook?
  7. I am finding I am able to port files from AD to AI no problem, until I start adding layer effects to the vector. Any layer effects I use in AD just don't jive in AI. I tried many variations of export options but nothing worked. (anyone have any luck finding an export option that works?) This alone is perfectly fine if all the client needs is a rasterized version or a PDF. I don't have to even touch AI. But if I want to design an object in AD to add to an old AI file, or the client needs the said project in an AI file format or I need to collaborate the file with an adobe user, this won't work. I am forced to design the object in AI. Thoughts?
  8. thx. I'll be adding more on here as I create them if I find them to be universally useful.
  9. Another asset compilation to share. If you have any similar you'd like to share I'd love to expand this. App Store Buttons.zip
  10. Just learning about the assets panel. Started testing it out. Transferred over a bunch of SM icons from AI to create this asset for AD. Added in case anyone has a use. Curious if anyone else has any asset compilations of useful parts they would like to share Social Media Icons.zip
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