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    3 page spread

    I don't see how Publisher can't have this feature, eventually, if it is to become a full-on page layout tool. I noticed at the weekend that it isn't possible to set the rulers by page when working on a double-page spread (which I've raised in a separate thread). This makes me suspect that even a double-page spread in Pub is actually a single page with some clever coding added?
  2. Thanks, Wosven - I'd say that's a bit of an oversight and would ask Affinity to add it to their "to do" list..
  3. Hi all, I'm pretty sure this feature will be present, but I can't find it. When working on a double-page spread, how is it possible to specify ruler origin by page and not spread? I've right-clicked, looked in Guides Manager, Preferences, Document and Spread Setup watched the Guides Video and searched these forums, but can't find the command anywhere. I'm assuming it's straight in front of my face? Thanks in advance for any and all advice offered.
  4. When I have problems like this, I always paste the text into a plain-text editor first to flush out any rogue formatting and then re-paste it into the application I want to use, which usually fixes things.
  5. It would, but that sounds line an extra step on top of what I'm doing now as I would need to create a new master PDF every time the master Publisher document changed.
  6. Thanks, Walt. Double-clicking twice on the thumbnail to go to the spread makes sense, but being able to call up the master page with just one click on the PAGE thumbnail doesn’t – and can lead to errors if the spread has not had any work done it (the user thinks they are working on the spread page, but they are really mucking up their master). It might be better if this single-click option was disabled.
  7. Hi, From these forums, I’ve learnt the difference between a linked picture file and a linked document file and the impact it can have on the size of the Publisher document. I hope this is something Affinity will address soon. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/94017-linking-one-publisher-file-within-another-publisher-file/&tab=comments#comment-500060 However, I’m finding a linked document in a frame in Publisher doesn’t automatically update if the linked document is changed unless I have both the linked document and the Publisher document open at the same time. The linked documents are usually in Illustrator or PhotoShop formats or are another Publisher file, and if the Publisher file is closed when I update the linked document, the changes don’t show through when I re-open the Publisher file. I have selected the “prefer linked” option when I set the Publisher document up and I have also activated the “update linked files” command in the General Preference settings (I don’t have my copy of Publisher to hand, so I may have the wording slightly wrong on that one). When I come to print or export the Publisher file, I will get a pop-up saying something like “Linked files have been changed – do you want to update them?” Also, if I manually check the Resource Manager, it indicates the linked document has been modified and offers me an update option. So the programme obviously knows the linked documents have changed – does anyone know how to get the programme to display these change automatically? Thanks in advance for any and all advice offered.
  8. Hi, Can I ask what the point of the “Go to Spread” command is, which can be activated by right-clicking a Publisher Page Thumbnail? Surely a page IS a spread? I’ve found if I don’t click this first, alterations I make on the Page/Spread affect the Master Page – even if what’s on the Master Page is placed from another file. It can be a bit lethal if I don’t keep an eye on it. Thanks in advance for any and all replies.
  9. Pretty much. The Master File is A3 but oversized by 6mm all round on page size, then imported in documents at A0, A3, A4 and A5 sized documents all set to have a 3mm bleed. Thus one file outputs to four different sizes all with the necessary 3mm bleed for printing.
  10. Hi, Queries on other threads have revealed that when one Affinity document is embedded within another, there is no "import with bleed" option. This is a feature I find massively helpful in InD***gn when setting up the same artwork to be resampled at different sizes. I set the artwork up at its largest size with lots of extra bleed so that sufficient bleed is still available when the artwork is resized to smaller sizes and inserted into other InD files. And because everything is linked, I only have to update one file with alterations and the changes just ripple through the other files. With Publisher, I'm having to make a master A3 page size file 6mm bigger all the way round which will then fit snugly when linked into frames on smaller page sizes with a 3mm bleed specified. It's a bit of a faff though and you have to stay on top of the dimensions box when resizing. I don't know how other people resolve this issue but, for me, not having "insert with bleed" is a big impact on my workflow.
  11. Thanks for your reply, Stoker. Including bleed on imported files is one of the easiest ways I've found to resample artwork at different sizes. To not have it is a major blow (with Publisher, I'm having to make a master A3 size file 6mm bigger all the way round which will then link and resize snugly into smaller page sizes with a 3mm bleed specified. It's a bit of a faff though and you have to stay on top of the dimensions box when resizing. A thread to include bleed when importing is definitely going on the "request features" board!
  12. Hi, When importing one Publisher document into another (which I do a lot as many of my deigns run across multiple sizes), is it possible to bring the document in with its bleed settings also visible? For example, I set my A3 documents to have 8mm bleed in Publisher (but only use 3mm when exporting to PDF) so that I also have a sufficient bleed area available when the document is shrunk to A4 and A5 sizes. I know I could just copy and paste everything into sa new document and re-size, but I find importing easier - and when I change the A3 master, the changes flow through the other documents in a jiffy. I see someone is asking a similar question in the Designer forums. Also, is it possible to turn individual layers on and off in imported files? As you've probably gathered, I'm an InDesign veteran switching to Publisher. I've found the commands are usually there, but they're not always easy to find! Thanks in advance to any and all replies.