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    With this being a Feedback forum, it strikes me that it's sometimes easy for these boards to read like "here's everything I think is wrong about Publisher" all the time. So messages like this from Jacques are important to remember that a set of affordable suite of graphics packages are finally on the market and being continually developed. So the above gets a +1 from me.
  2. Thanks Bruce. Now you've pointed it out, I remember seeing the tip in an Affinity video a while ago. As I recall, it was suggested for when an online publication was being planned but the penny didn't drop that it could also be used for Printer's Pairs. Thanks again - issue solved.
  3. Has this been introduced yet ? If not, it's a +1 from me. I went looking for this feature at the weekend when I needed to set up a document as two double-page spreads and was surprised to find it wasn't there (or at least if it was, I couldn't find it). I realise that it can be worked around quite simply by topping and tailing the document with blank single pages and just exporting the centre 4 pages to PDF as spreads, but it is a lot neater just to have the 4 pages on their own.
  4. Richard786

    PDF Export - huge Files!

    I too have problems with large PDF files from Pub which I then need to optimise in Acrobat. The same type of files, usining the same type of imges gave much smaller PDF sizes in InDesign. It seems odd that a straightforward preset to optimise the files for printing can't be added to the Export menu. Surely all Affinity need to do is look at what is happening on the Abobe presets and then add them to their own software?
  5. Richard786

    PDF to big

    Thanks larsh - a little confession;I am actually partially sighted which means I sometime miss things that are glaringly obvious like what you have pointed out. Sadly, my Document Setup is set to CMYK/8, so it's not that which is causing the huge PDFs.
  6. Richard786

    PDF to big

    Where in Publisher do I change from RGB/16 to CMYK/8? I've looked for the setting but can't find it. I too get huge PDFs when exporting PDFX-4 from Pub, which I normally have to optimise for size in Acrobat.
  7. I know there is a command to match a frame’s dimensions to the object within it, but is there also a command to resize a text frame so it is only as deep as the text it contains? I’ve looked but I can’t find one.
  8. I’m finding Publisher’s frame behaviour a little confusing at time. Sometime when I draw a frame and place a graphic or photo within it. I can move the object within the frame around independently of the frame, I.E.: when the object is moved partly outside the frame, the boundaries of the frame mask it. This is wjat I would expect it to do. However, sometimes when I place an object within a frame it seems to lock itself to the frame’s boundaries. The object and frame move as one and if I pull in the edge of the frame, the object within it will start to distort rather than keeping its size and being masked by the edge of the frame. I’ve used the layers panel to make sure I select the object and not the frame layer just above it, but this doesn’t seem to make any difference. Often, all I can do is draw a fresh frame, place a fresh object within it and then everything behaves itself as I would expect. Does anyone know why this is happening and how I can keep the movement and of the object and frame independent of each other?
  9. It was all the Publisher files I opened, regardless of size. However, I'm pleased to say everything is back to normal today! I had updated the software the day previously, so maybe it was taking some time to sort itself out?
  10. Anyone else experiencing severe slow-down in Publisher recently? It's pretty much fallen off a cliff for me today. Even just changing CMYK co-ordinates brings up a 2-minute wait with the spinning beachball of death.
  11. +1 for some kind of printed/PDF workbook/manual. Like Juergen, I just find it easier to learn from a printed page (amd I'm from the scalpel and glue era too). As I've said before, what would be best (for me, at least) is a "Publisher for InDesign Users" guide - it's hard to break the old habits.
  12. It would be a nice feature to have and, if possible, would boost Publisher's user base substantially, but I see no reason why Affinity should prioritise making a propriety product from another company compatible with their own. PDF compatibility is a bit different as it is so widely used across the print industry, Affinity would ignore it at their peril. Personally, I'd much rather see Affinity getting the issues with layers, multi-page layouts, inserting with bleeds, etc sorted out first. But this question keeps cropping up.
  13. True, but that doesn't help when documents are being worked on cross-platform, as I'm currently doing.

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