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  1. Am I hearing this correctly, that all text will export as a CMYK mix? I've been setting styles specifically with only 100%K as having a mix for type is not a good idea, as registration for all colour plates on type will surely not line up exactly and you'll have fuzzy type. I'm finding the colour swatches and colour settings a little confusing at first here as well. I hope that my document export comes out as I expect.
  2. Just to add to the thread here as a kind of work around. And for the record, in some cases I love making clipping paths in photoshop to create transparent areas or close crops for assets in layout. So yes, disappointed to find these paths not recognized in Affinity. Weirdly, however, after placing a clipped image (TIFF) in indesign, I can copy it from indd and paste it into afpub and the clipped areas are transparent! I don't have access to the path anymore but the it seems to work. Haven't tried to print this yet, and worry about the edges, but interesting... (Perhaps if the clipping mask is made in Affinity Photo...?)
  3. Thanks Dan, Yes that seems to be what I was looking for. Simple solution! Thanks! Eric
  4. Affinity weird bug drop cap style.mp4 I'll post my experience with IDML in Afpub as well here. Imported 64pp document with multiple styles and master pages. So far masters seem ok, except for nested masters. For example, the footer in the parent master aligns with the outside margin. A nested master has that footer moved in to align with the second column, but in that case the footer appears there as well as still on the outside margin, so duplicate footer there. Styles have been a different story. Pretty messy in some cases, particularly with a drop cap style. Once I encountered this issue I didn't trust that Afpub was converting my styles properly and was concerned I would encounter further issues down the road, so ended up wiping all the styles and re-making them in Afpub. Works well now, but importing is questionable. Video attached showing the weirdness of applying some of the imported styles — there are so many weird effects happening in this screen cap vid I won't try to explain or describe them all. Affinity_weird_bug_drop_cap_style.mp4
  5. Seems the reset formatting button resets ALL the formatting, both character and paragraph styles. Just checking here if I'm wrong about this or using Affinity's styles improperly. For example if I have a para with some itals character styled, and I've made overrides to the para stlye (say adding an indent or whatever), I'd want a way to reset *just the para style and preserve the char style*. Is this possible? Thanks!
  6. Really desperately missing the eye dropper tool indeed. Just adding another voice to the list. I can't count how often I use that in indesign; and agreed with the above that it's a crucial part of working with styles.
  7. Thanks — I'll do that. New user coming from indesign, so figuring out new ways of doing things.
  8. When holding 'option' and dragging an object to copy it, the copied object doesn't snap to any guides. I have to release it first and then move it again to position it to snap. It should be able to snap as I drag the copied version to where I want it. This adds a redundant step to copying an object.
  9. Definitely a must have. Please add it to the queue. Otherwise really enjoying getting to know this software after 10+ years with adobe. Love that you recently added another absolute must have 'preflight' feature, so a sample and paste (eyedropper whatever) will be a snap. Looking forward to seeing it in a future release.
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