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  1. Even at 300-400dpi there is a problem with export from Designer to PSD, but not from Photo to PSD format. (I saved all fonts into curves, anyway) Something is wrong.
  2. Hi, I worked in prepress, your images size are gigantic! Use TIFF with LWZ compression at 300dpi res, CMYK, 25-30MB At A3 artboard size. No need for any bigger file size. Unless images are not CMYK, say with more color plates etc. So PDF should be much smaller, i do it in batches as recommended above.
  3. With all respect, even simple paragraphs (3 tabs) below pictures are messed up. What's the point of having IDML function? Forged layers, forget master pages, forget all? To be honest it is better to import PDF, because everything is on it's original place. Cheers, Lech Awaiting for Affiniy 2.0
  4. Above all, what type IDML file can Publisher import? No pages, no paragraphs, no copy, no master pages? Better have no IMP option, than messed up file. Am I right? I am going back to older 1.7.3 versions. Cheers, Lech
  5. Hi, I have purchased from Serif and have all 1.7 Affinity soft package, (Photo, Designer, Publisher for Mac) maybe it would help others to have have downgraded version for time being. Cheers, Lech
  6. Hi , Additionaly, you will see in given file issues with captions below illustrations, randomly missing text or bits of paragraphs. Cheers, Lech
  7. Please have here IDML original file. Ist just single 21 x 21cm pages and some caption, flattened layers InDesign CS6. Merged layers.idml
  8. Nothing works correctly in IDML import. Unable text editing, missing text lines, (overlapped non existing text boxes from InDesign original masters with text). Big mess. Imported documents are useless. It worked much beter in older version of Publisher
  9. IDML imported files from InDesign CS6 have issues with text boxex, overlaping text, missing text, impossible to edit. Even after flatting InDesign layers (in native files) before importing, problem is still the same.
  10. Unfortunately Publisher is useless in this case. Thanks.
  11. Hi All, Publisher 1.8.1 IDML imported files from InDesign doesn't work properly on Mac, also there is no support for imported page layers, and text pages have double "layer" of original (from masters) copy almost impossible to edit in normal way. See attachment below. Please let me know, if you also have the same problem. Cheers, Lech
  12. Hi, While I edit placed image in Publisher, I have noticed that this image would not be effected as original, but in Publisher only. Is this intended effect in Publisher?
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