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  1. using the freehand selection tool, I have the choice between 3 typs of selection, but I can use only one at a time. It would be useful, if there is a possibility to switch the typ while selecting an area without loosing the selection. Greetings Frank
  2. Hello Affinity-Developer-Team, please create the possibility, to define a 100%-black-text in CMYK-mode in †he preferences. as an alternative to the mixture of 4 colors like: C=91, M=79, Y=62, K=98. When I work in the CMYK-mode, there should be only colors with the 4 slides of CMYK and not RGB, and reverse when I work in RGB-mode. Greetings Frank
  3. Hello, is there a possibility in the preferences, to define a black text as 100% black and not a mixture of all CMYK-Colors? I thought, that the tool: "Create text with blend gamma" is this feature, but it is not. Thank you for an answer Frank
  4. Hello Old Bruce, thank you for this information. That is a great feature of Affinity. Greetings Frank
  5. Hello, when I place a rgb-photo into a cmyk-document, is it correkt, that Affinity Photo converts automaticly the photo into the cmyk-modus? Greetings Frank
  6. Hello at Affinity, when I distribute elements like photos in a horizontale line, the command works fine, if all elements have the same width. OK thats one way, to distribute elements. When the elements have different widths, the spaces between the elements are different and that doesn't loook professional. So I miss am option, to distribute in a way, that the spaces between the elements are equal. Thats my suggestion with kindly regards Frank
  7. Hello MEB, thank you for logging my thread. with kindly regards Frank
  8. Hello MEB, thank you for your detailed answer. Yes it is a little bit confusing, but the example with the rectangle works. I usually work with Affinity Designer and there the document scales the way I think is correct. Now I give lessons in Affinity Photo and there occured the different behavier of the program. But the workaround you described, is a way to get what I want. Thank you for your help. Best wishes Frank
  9. Hello MEB, no that is not the point. I think, you also have the program Affinity Designer. If you make there the same steps until the positioning of the guidelines and then go to documentproperties, you can reproduce, what I mean. After resizing the guidelines remain centered and I get a border round about the document. In Affinity Photo what use is the field with the anchors, if it doesn't make any difference, where I set the anchor? With kindly regards Frank
  10. Hello MEB, I have recorded my action, so you can see what I am doing. If you think it is useful, I can invite you to an AnyDesk-Session or teamviewer. With kindly regards Frank 2018-06-15 17-51-31.flv
  11. Hello, When I create a new document, set the size to 148x105mm and klick OK.Than I place guidelines round about the canvas at the positions 0,0,145,105 than place an rectangle object exactly from 0;0 to 148;105 and change now the canvas, it works correctly. Affinity Photo 1.6.7 on Mac OSX 10.11.6 Greetings Frank
  12. Hello, I have testet this on my macbook pro with MAC OS 10.13. I can reproduce the bug. Affinity Photo ignores the position of the anchor. Greetings Frank
  13. Hello all of you, thanks for your interest in my bugreport. I create a new document, set the size to 148x105mm and klick OK. Than I place guidelines round about the canvas at the positions 0,0,145,105 Next step without any elements is, to change the canvas to 150x107mm, anchor centered. the result is, that Affinity doesn't use the anchor from the center, but left top. I will try the same on MAC OSX 10.13 and report here. Greetings Frank
  14. Hello, I report the following bug: When I want to change the canvas-size, Affinity Photo doesnt care about the position of the anchor. It always uses the anchor left and top. Affinity Photo 1.6.7 on Mac OSX 10.11.6 Greetings Frank
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