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  1. Yes, it's weird. It worked well with the other labels (approx. 20 pieces), only this one didn’t.
  2. In the meantime, I made a new try. Here is a file with the text only. It is bad too. Power Duplicate Issue only text.afpub
  3. Thanks, but I think this is a program bug. It works when the title size is 21 points, and it doesn't when 22...
  4. I localized the problem. 😊 When the font size of the title ('Bodzabogyó szörp') is 22 points, the Power Duplication function does not work. When I set this to 21, it works. Not in the video, but it still works at 23. However, it also works with 22 in other files ... But if I copy this group to another file, it doesn't work there either. So I think there is something wrong with this copy of the text. Capture_03.mp4
  5. Hi, I have two almost identical files, in principle only different in color and text. The Power Duplicate function works in one and not in the other. I do not understand why... The video shows the two files and that I'm trying to move the graphics 55mm away. In the first case it succeeds, in the second it does not. Please, help me. What could be the difference? Thanks! Screen.mp4
  6. Hi, The Publisher repeatedly crashes when I use the Resource Manager and try to embed a missing file. OK, it is not a normal idea to embed a missing picture 🙂, but it is an error yet. Screen.mp4
  7. Hi Sean, It was a completely newly created brush after syncing. I tried restarting the app, it wasn't usefull. I just tried to reproduce the error and record it on video. The first 3 times the error came up. Video attached. However, it worked well for the 4th time. 😮 And now I can delete the brushes. So this is a very strange mistake... 🙂 Designer_error-02.mp4
  8. I have created a Textured Intensity Brush, but I can't delete that from the Brush Category. The "Delete Brush" menu is grey. I can't move it to other category. However, I can delete the category. It worked well yesterday. How can I remove it from the Category? Thank you for your help.
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